If you think you have already seen so much that nothing can surprise you. Well, hold on to your breath till you see the cast of this majestic group, and then you can argue… I know they say reel life is different from real life..but looking at their photoshoots and videos… Mann, I wanna live like that. They are the people who, just by looking at them, you say..Wow, they must be famous. Okay, enough with the drooling. If you are here, you obviously are dying to know all the information about the Clubhouse… Well, of course, I mean, why wouldn’t you be? So not wasting any more time, let’s get to all the facts and, yes of course gossip.. duhhh…

What Is A Clubhouse ?

Just when the Hype House settled and started reaching height, it was surrounded by the rival houses, and a major blow came when another content house popped competing with them for the fanbase, and that too created by their former founder, Daisy Keech.  Also, read The Sway House: All The Gossips and The Drama..!! The Clubhouse is one of the many content houses that reached its peak and became the talk of the town but what made it special was all the drama and the issues it was surrounded with. The house served as a home to many creators and provided them with a safe and creative place to collaborate for different platforms like TikTok and Youtube.

Who Created The Clubhouse..??

Daisy Keech, the former founder of Hype house, left her previous house because she felt she wasn’t credited enough. After filing a lawsuit against Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson, she decided to move on from the group but not from TikTok. She decided to create her own new house with Abby Rao and named it ClubHouse BH. She announced the opening of this new house on her Instagram and youtube channels. And within a day of the news, the TikTok account of the group booked over 200K followers even without having a single post on it. This definitely foreshadowed the success it was about to reach. Since she was already an established persona, it helped her bring some new creative and talented members to the group.

The Address Of The Clubhouse..

Formed by the end of March 2020, the primary location of the Clubhouse was a mansion in Beverly Hills, California. The exact address is unavailable for the public..trust me, it’s better this way; otherwise, we would be hearing about the crashers every day. (but at least then we could finally meet and share our imaginary stories while being chased by security..) The members of this elite group were basically models, actors, and actresses, and they lived in a seven-bedroom luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills. Also, read The Hype House: All The Updates And The Inside Scoops..!!

Who All Are In The Clubhouse??

Seeing the posts being uploaded to their social handles, you are bound to be curious about the members and their lives. Whether it is the question about their arrival and exit or major inside scoops about their personal relationships… we wanna know everything.  Though initially, the idea was to create an all-female house, it was soon improvised, and the house allowed male creators to join.  Daisy Keech is an Instagram model, fitness influencer, and YouTuber who was once in a team of Jake paul and had a huge fan base with 3.6M followers on Instagram, 1M on youtube, and 4.2M on TikTok. Since I promised to give you juicy gossip..let me tell you she’s pretty well known and famous for her booty yaa.. you heard me right. She boasts about it as “The first certified real booty” and literally had a doctor on video confirm that her butt is natural and not a plastic surgery result. Abby, the co-founder, is a model and influencer previously linked to RiceGum.  This dynamic duo, along with the other impressive members like- Kinsey Wolanski, an x-rated prankster; Chase Keith, a fan favorite at only 17; Pedro Pertile, a bodybuilder; and the others, moved the TikTok platform with fiery videos. Wolanski and Morais were among the first to move into the Clubhouse when it was formed to help influencers make content throughout the pandemic. Taking full advantage of their liberal open-door policy, they are still a part of it even after moving out.

Drama In The Clubhouse..!?!

The drama was in the cards even before the group was formed. From Daisy Keech’s lawsuit against Hype house to rumors of exploitation of females in the group, they were always in news. Some rumors started, when creators like Son Films, Jay Laurent, and Ryan Butler were featured in Daisy’s house tour video, and the gossip reached its quota when people speculated that former Hype house members will be joining the Clubhouse.  When Clubhouse Media Group was formed, it operated on content creation houses, including Clubhouse BH, but it proved to be a problem when the members started leaving. While Katie posted a TikTok accusing Clubhouse manager of being “sketchy,” Rachel later shared a thread of accusations against TTH manager Nour Khodr on her Instagram, which included allegations of exploitation of minors and thefts and providing drugs to underage girls. No matter what, news about this house has always kept the audience on toes. 

Clubhouse Branches

As the notion of the TikTok houses gained popularity, there was an increase in demand for them worldwide. Shortly, Clubhouse’s parent company at Beverly Hills expanded from North America to a few other branches. These include 

Clubhouse Europe 

TikTok: clubhouse_europe Location: Malta The company of Clubhouse Beverly Hills expanded beyond North America to Europe on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. The Clubhouse Europe house seems to be an offshoot of Clubhouse Next. Its members post dance videos and content about their island lifestyle.

Clubhouse For The Boys

TikTok- clubhouseftbLocation: Los Angeles, California, USA Another offshoot of the brand, Clubhouse For The Boys, is a primarily male TikTok house that Isaak Presley launched. He aimed to create a radically diverse content house. The Clubhouse For the Boys is based in a 7,000sq ft house valued at $8 million in Los Angeles. The house residents were expected to post four to five videos a week to social media accounts linked to the Clubhouse in exchange for free room and board. The group was also featured in an article published by Elite Daily  It is called a “sister house” to Clubhouse Beverly Hills.. funny isn’t it!! An all-boy group called as a sister group to once an all-girls group.. That doesn’t make sense.. but what actually does…??

 Clubhouse Next

TikTok: clubhousenextLocation: Beverly Hills, California Another collective that was launched as a sister group to TikTok Clubhouse is Clubhouse Next. This group is best known for its clubhousenext TikTok account, which has over 1.3 million fans. Their “kiss or slap Challenge” video on TikTok earned about 2 Million views. Wow, that’s..big! In April 2020, a tour was given for the house, which captured a lot of attention from the media. Another concept of  Clubhouse Explore is soon to be launched, which will act as a roaming travel house that will explore different exotic and tropical places like Bali, Hawaii, the Maldives.

Clubhouse Handles

Tiktok- clubhousebh         Followers- 1.3M                          YouTube- Clubhouse BH  Subscribers- 67.3k        Instagram- clubhousebh  Followers- 493k

Has Anyone Left The Clubhouse?

With all the ups come all the downs- The first blow to the group came on 2 July, when Isaak, Christopher, and Sebastian announced via Instagram that they were leaving the group. But they merely shifted to Clubhouse for the Boys. The second blow came when Abby, the co-founder, left the group in August to focus on herself. And finally, when Daisy, the founder, said she was leaving, it took everybody by surprise or basically by shock.!!

Can I Get In The Clubhouse???

The clubhouse managers never made any official announcement about their recruitment or membership, so the question still remains a mystery. But you can try, you know what they say- When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen. So you never know..keep your fingers crossed.. Well, not too long, otherwise you might break them!!

Wrapping Up

Due to the pandemic, people were stuck in a house with nothing to do. While they initially loved the idea of free time, soon they found themselves regretting it as they got bored. The only source of entertainment was through social platforms ..and I guess that is where we can never be thankful enough to these entertainment apps like TikTok. They became our major source of laughter in these challenging times and we found out the importance of these creative ideas like TikTok content houses.  While some entertained us with their funny videos, others kept us active with absurd funny challenges. Where some influencers danced their way in our lives, others always had some fascinating drama being brewed. Well, talking about drama, Clubhouse definitely holds its special rank with all its engrossing scandals. After reading all the juicy gossip and the drama, you must be missing them. I am, too, so let’s give us a break and distract us with their lit dance videos and amusing challenges.


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