Your system’s temperature is what these fans regulate. And the fan control software can help you do that digitally. Have you witnessed CPU fans going too loud? Well, that’s because a computer does a lot of heavy-duty processing while you are playing high-graphics games, editing videos, producing music, etc. These processes generate excessive heat, and the fans increase RPM whenever a computer generates too much heat. As a result, over time, the fans lose their ability. In this article, I will talk about the 9 best fan control software that can keep your fans and the whole system healthy. Some of the software are not limited to managing fan speed, they can do a lot of other impressive tasks. We will talk about them as we come to it. So, without further ado, let’s do this, shall we?

9 Best Fan Control Software (2022)

What are the functions that you should look for in a fan control software? Well, you need to be able to monitor CPU and cabinet temperatures. Along with that, it is always useful to be able to monitor and regulate graphics card fans. Also, read How Old is my Computer? 4 Ways to Find Out Age of Your Computer You might also want to be able to check hard disk and SSD performance. You can surely find what you are looking for from one of the software I will discuss below. The 9 handpicked fan control software by yours truly are:

1. SpeedFan

If you want a good program that monitors and manages fan speed and temperature, SpeedFan is one of your best bets. It is also one of the oldest and most trusted fan control software. It has a long history of serving Windows, the first edition of which was launched during the Windows 9x times.  Speedfan is compatible with all versions of Windows. It has a clean and customizable UI (User Interface). It offers a system tray where you can have the stats of your choice. For a  small program, it delivers a lot of functions.  With SpeedFan, you can also monitor hard disk temperatures and change fan speed with a click. Thanks to its ability to access S.M.A.R.T info. You can configure this software quite easily. Just manually set the speed limits and try to identify by hearing the fan you are targeting. At minimum speed, you can hardly hear it.  You can also set maximum temperature triggers with this software. Once your system’s temperature crosses the limit, it will trigger your fans to run fast to neutralize the higher temperatures. Download SpeedFan

2. Fan Control

Fan Control is another free Windows fan controller with the help of which you can control all the CPU, GPU, and cabinet fans. It is a highly customizable fan controller software that can scan many things like temperatures and speed sensors. You won’t need to worry about dysfunctional manufacturer fan control software if you can get your hands on Fan Control. It has a simplistic card user interface.  Download Fan Control Also, read How to Insert Emojis in a Microsoft Outlook Email | Elevate eMails With Emojis 2022

3. Corsair iCUE

Corsair is a reputable name when it comes to computer appliances. And, Corsair iCUE doesn’t fail to carry the company’s reputation. The latest version of Corsair iCUE is a banger. Are you using Corsair fans in your system? If yes, you have all the reasons to go for Corsair iCUE as your PC fan controller software.  iCUE is a professional fan control software that can monitor your CPU’s temperature, HDD temperature, and CPU load, to name a few. The software is customized to be compatible with Corsair components and yet runs smoothly with other systems. Isn’t that great? Corsair iCUE can also do a bunch of cool stuff like full-system RGB lighting, synchronized lighting across all your Corsair iCUE products, and custom lighting effects for powerful editing tools, etc. Download Corsair iCUE

4. EasyTune 5

EasyTune 5 lets you tune your CPU’s cooling fans at your will. All you need to know is that you shouldn’t set the threshold of your fan’s high-speed trigger too high. It can adversely affect the CPU as it won’t get the required cooling and airflow.  Also, read Free Software Download Sites for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android (100% Safe) This software also lets you overclock your processor. There are two features called CPU Intelligent Accelerator (C.I.A.) and Memory Intelligent Booster 2 (MIB2). These features can help you churn more power and performance out of your CPU. Download EasyTune 2

5. Argus Monitor

Are you a gamer? If so, you might want to download this program. Argus Monitor, in addition to monitoring CPU, HDD, and SSD temperatures and giving you full control over the fans in your system, also lets you control new-age NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. That’s a lot of services for a lightweight application.  Argus Monitor runs in the background like an orchestra. It keeps an eye on the health of your computer. It also identifies early symptoms of a failing SSD or hard disk. Its UI is also very friendly, and setting it up is a piece of cake. Under all its pros, the only con of Argus Monitor gets buried, which is the ‘free for 30 days’ issue. The software is chargeable after you use it for a month. Download Argus Monitor


Zotac is another big name in the world of computer hardware. FIRESTORM is a very handy fan speed controller. It can also be used as an overclocking tool. It will be stupid to think Zotac will mess up. It is Zotac’s game to create gaming PCs and other computer hardware. With its super utility, FIRESTORM can overclock your processor with a few clicks. You can even monitor your graphics card’s performance with the help of Zotac FIRESTORM. Nevertheless, it is important to know before downloading that FIRESTORM doesn’t give you control over your PC fans. It is the graphics card, and its fan is what you get to tune. Download Zotac FIRESTORM Also, read AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU Release Date, Specs, and Prices

7. ASUS AI Suite

If you are looking for multi-functional fan control software, ASUS AI Suite is the one you can opt for. ASUS is one of the leading motherboard manufacturers in the global market. Coming from such a brand, ASUS AI Suite acts as one of the best PC fan controllers today. It can monitor your CPU temperatures and set the fans at the lowest speed required to keep the CPU cool.  ASUS AI Suite lets you fine-tune your fans with simple steps. You don’t need to do a lot of tweaking. The only disadvantage is that it is limited to specific ASUS motherboards only. Download ASUS AI Suite

8. Mac Fan Control

Mac Fan Control is for Mac users. It is the perfect fan control software if you are having fan/temperature issues with your Mac CPU. It is pretty straightforward. One of the coolest aspects of this software is that it gives you the favorite settings of many users from around the world. You can monitor CPU temperatures and adjust the RPM of the fans. Download Mac Fan Control Also, read 10 Best Kodi Builds in 2022 | Get Your Build Now With The Best Options

9. HW Monitor

Just like SpeedFan, HW Monitor is ancient in terms of PC fan controller software. Its user base is huge and is ever-growing. HW Monitor does a bit extra than the regular fan control software.  Firstly, HW Monitor monitors the main sensors of the motherboard (temperatures, voltages, and fan speed). Secondly, it reads S.M.A.R.T. vital statistics. And thirdly, it looks out for the well-being of your graphics card.  You can control your system’s fans easily with this tool. I mean all the fans. It can also record data like your motherboard and CPU’s voltages and the whole system’s power consumption in watts. The only trouble you might encounter is the UI of the HW Monitor. It is a bit old-fashioned. There are a lot of numbers and values to get familiar with. Yet, once you get the hang of it, you will realize that there isn’t a PC fan controller as useful as HW Monitor. Download HW Monitor Also, read 10 Best Budget TVs Under $259 You Need to Get Right Now

Wrapping Up

Always remember that the more you tweak and push your GPU and CPU, the more prone they will become to damage. You can use one of the above-mentioned fan control software but use them only when needed, in moderation. I have listed the best PC fan controllers out there. But that doesn’t mean that if you encounter repeated shutdowns and other abnormal experiences, you shouldn’t dial things back. See you next time. Ciao!


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