At the commencement of the presentation, It marched up to the front of the stage and waved at Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The prototype looks phenomenal and exciting with its new AI software and sensors with its car “Autopilot Assistant Features.” It is quite arduous to guess the exact price at the moment as the company CEO has only revealed the price bracket of the robot. 

What is Tesla Robot Price?

According to Musk, millions of Optimus can be produced by the company and can be sold for less than $20,000 per piece. The company says the work is in progress and will be ready to accept orders in two to three years. At the event, two prototypes were shown on the stage. one is Bumble-C. It is the first version of the bot and was produced with “semi-off-the-shelves” actuators. This robot didn’t perform anything spectacular except walking and waving on the stage. The other one was the First generation Optimus Robot. Tesla shares a few specifications of the bot Optimus, including a Battery capacity of 2.3 kWh, which the company claims should be good for about a day’s worth of work. Tesla announced last year it is also furnished with the same “self-driving computer” which is used inside Tesla vehicles. Also, read Play 50,000+ Steam Games On Tesla | Elon Brings Tesla Game Demo A video retweeted by Elon Musk displayed the Optimus Robot waving and dancing on the stage. He said, “This is literally the first time the robot has operated without a tether was onstage tonight.” Musk said, “I think Optimus is going to be incredible in 5 or 10 years, like mind-blowing.”  He added, “Optimus is not directly in line with accelerating sustainable energy.” “Ï think the mission does somewhat broaden with the advent of Optimus to-you know. I dont know: making the future awesome”. In one of his astounding statements, he said, “ Naturally, there will be a catgirl version of our Optimus robot.” Also, read Tesla Diner/Drive-in Theater | The Future of The Charging Stations is on The Way

Wrapping Up

It will be thrilling to keep one’s eyes open to the Tesla Robot Price, which is coming in the span of two to three years. Until then, we can wait for these bots to come on the market for sale. It is said that the price is relatively lower than some of the tesla cars. Comment down below to tell us about your favorite part of the event and what excites you to watch out for them in the time ahead.

Watch Tesla AI Day 2022 here


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