When Neuralink came into the market, everybody thought Musk really wanted to change the world for good. However, his recent Twitter manipulations have landed his brand name in jeopardy. Everything he tweets or doesn’t tweet about brings waves of curiosity worldwide. So, when adrstudiodesign posted a video on YouTube about the new Tesla smartphone, it had to bring questions.  Soon people started asking questions about the Tesla phone release date and the Tesla phone model Pi. So, how much of it is true? Who started the rumors of the Tesla Phone? If it does release, what is it going to cost to the public? Let’s answer all of these questions one by one. Stick with me a little, and you will know everything about the all-new Tesla Phone model Pi. 

Tesla Phone Price: How Much Will Tesla Smartphone Cost? 

Before coming to the price of the Elon Musk phone, just imagine what this device would be like. The features and the power this phone will give into your hand are going to be out of the world. So, how could the Tesla smartphone be any less than a few thousand dollars, if not more?  Maybe, as people started buying the Tesla phone model Pi, the price is expected to be reduced, as it is with all Apple’s iPhones. Therefore, it is expected for the first-ever launch model of the Tesla smartphone to cost anywhere between $1000 to $1500.  Also, read Where To Watch Nothing Phone (1) Launch | Is it streaming on YouTube?

Tesla Phone Release Date

Tesla had no problem launching an umbrella with its logo on it. But when it comes to releasing a phone, everybody was mum about it. While Elon Musk clearly says he is never going to go into reviving older technologies (including smartphones), Musk also has supported many new cryptocurrencies he probably shouldn’t have supported. So, one thing is for sure, never truly rely on Elon Musk.  As Musk himself said in an interview, he has brought cars into space. Did we really think he was a normal dude? No, he’s supposed to be eccentric! (not my words, his only).  In a recent Tweet, Elon Musk said- Elon Musk, who never accepted making smartphones just accepted the possibility that he WILL create one. I can not keep calm about it. Also, read Nothing Phone 1 Leaks & Rumors | Specifications and More

Tesla Pi Phone Release Date Estimate

Some rumors say that the Tesla Phone release date is very near, around the start of 2023. However, there’s nothing to back this up. Even if Tesla rolls out the official statement, it is so preoccupied with the in-hand projects that it would take an army to build a whole new Tesla smartphone.  So, looking at all the speculations around the Tesla Phone model Pi and Tesla’s new smartphone, it is contemplated that if Tesla ever went into the Smartphone business (even after denying that it ever will), it should be around 2030.

Tesla Phone Pi Features

Have you ever used a Tesla product? Is it just me, or does anyone else also thinks that Tesla is a bit over the top? Many people don’t fully use the features of a Tesla (car). Considering its hype, the Elon Musk phone is going to have the following features-

Tesla’s baby brother, Neuralink, is working on something secretive. And apparently, it is something that directly connects the human brain to a computer. Now, it’s not the first time we have seen a glimpse of 10-year-fast-forwarded technology. Remember the SpaceX Travel card? I still think that is possible, and so is a computer’s connection with the human brain. If it can happen in a tech lab in 2022, then by 2030, it can definitely happen via Tesla smartphone.  Wanna bet on it? Also, read Top 10 Hidden iOS 16 Features You Don’t Want to Miss!

2. Stargazing Cameras aka Astrophotography

You cannot imagine a Tesla mobile phone without something related to space. Of course, it will have something to excite the target audience. And what’s better than a camera to see nebulas and galaxies light years ahead of Earth?

3. Crypto Mining

As Mr. Musk has himself announced, “There will definitely be a MarsCoin!” we can expect the Tesla cell phone to have something collaborating with the crypto world. Being an enthu cutlet (search Google for its meaning) for various cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk will hardy leave his favorite Dogecoin and Bitcoin out of his Tesla phone world. So, it is possible that the Tesla phone will have crypto mining ability in the future.  Also, read GameStop Selling An NFT of A 9/11 Photo of “The Falling Man”

4. Solar Chargeable

While Tesla actively sells a lot of solar-related products, including solar panels and solar roofs, the idea of having a Tesla phone be charged by the Sun isn’t that far-fetched. Or is it?

If there’s one thing, Elon Musk has proved time and again, it is his love for connectivity around the globe. First, he brought the Starlink satellite internet connection. It was this Starlink that helped millions of Ukrainians in connecting to the world. Recently, SpaceX’s new baby, Starlink Maritime, has stepped into the oceans and seas. If basic Android and iPhones have a Wi-fi and Mobile Data connection, then it is very obvious for Tesla phones to connect with Starlink babies anytime, anywhere.  Also, read Mark Zuckerberg’s NFT | 1992 Little League Baseball Card to NFT

6. Vehicle Control via Tesla Pi Phone

Have you seen that video of a dog chilling like an absolute God in a Tesla with no driver? Yep, that’s my dream. Coming back to the Tesla phone, we already have a Tesla mobile app for controlling basic car functions. If Tesla model Pi is to be released, it will most probably have the vehicle controls app preinstalled on it. 

Tesla Phone Model Pi Specifications 

Since all we can do is assume that the Tesla phone will probably have internal storage of nothing less than 1 TB. With more than 6.5 inches of screen size, this phone could kill iPhones in a second. I would choose a Tesla over an iPhone without even thinking about it.  More details will be specified here once there is an actual statement. 

Tesla Model Pi Conceptualized

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Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped you know a little more about Tesla’s new phone model Pi. Tesla phone will have Starlink connectivity, the ability to crypto mine, vehicle control, and astrophotography abilities all in one device. If you have heard of any other speculations, then comment below. I would love to hear from you.  Share this article with your friends who are obsessed with Tesla babies as much as you. 


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