A silicon valley event was sparkling with the presence of the Optimus robot. The audience was thrilled when the robot waved toward them. Who will not fall for this amazing new launch of artificial intelligence by Tesla? It is found that the robot was a work in progress earlier but it will soon launch. The tech king Elon Musk has not confirmed any particular launch date of Optimous. But, here we will cover each and every highlight of Optimus, in this article. This will give enough justice to the new generation’s curiosity.

Tesla Humanoid Robot Features

If we talk about the features of the Tesla humanoid robot then, first let us see what Elon Musk says about it. According to him, Optimus will be a quite friendly robot and it will help you to get rid of boring and unwanted tasks. Optimus can pick up groceries also and it can automate all the tasks which are related to job offers and logistics. You can also expect another thing from Optimus like it can bring coffee for you or maybe if your printer is not working properly this Tesla robot can fix the printer errors for you. So, basically, this robot can do really multiple things for you even when you are at home. Also, read Tesla Dojo Supercomputer: The Most Powerful System Getting Ready

Tesla Humanoid Robot Release Date

Elon Musk has done the first announcement of the Tesla humanoid robot on Tesla’s AI day 2021. And if I tell you about the prototype picture then it was revealed on September 30, 2022. As per the information, it looks like quite a live-in robot and the best invention by Tesla which can perform any of your bring or repetitive task. We can expect the presence of a Tesla robot very soon. However, we do not have any particular date when it will get released. It is possible that Elon and his team are planning to bring the robot to real-life persons is that so then they have to match the expectations of all and release it soon. Also, read Tesla Phone Release Date, First Look, Price, Specs & More

Tesla Humanoid Robot Specs

Yes, it is easy to sell a humanized robot to anyone in this era but first, you need to understand the whole idea and the friendliness of this. According to Musk you can also run away from it or overpower it as per your need. Musk recommends localizing chip for the safety so nobody can update it remotely. You also have to be careful about what you are saying to the robot to do and also what other people stop telling it to do. The max speed of the robot is expected to be a maximum of 5 MPH, and the height is 5’8″ (173 cm). The weight of the robot is 125 lb (57 kg), with a 45-pound weight carrying capacity. Also, read Tesla Diner/Drive-in Theater | The Future of The Charging Stations is on The Way

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have seen all the information about Tesla’s humanoid robot. You will get the whole idea of the Tesla Optimus robot which is expected to release soon. Just like other Tesla products we can expect the same up-to-the-mark performance from this Optimus robot. We will cover each and every update regarding the Tesla robot from time to time so stay connected and follow Path of Ex for more tech articles and step-by-step guides.


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