The following review explores this popular platform to find out what it does, how it does it, and why people seem to love it so much. It answers potential new users’ questions about setting up an account to help them decide if it is the right broker choice. 

About the Platform 

Target Trading is a crypto trading platform with a difference. It also works with several other markets on a smaller scale to give people the opportunity to diversify and learn something new. Crypto is, however, the main event. The platform simplifies what could be seen as a complex trading market to make it more accessible to more people.  It works best on a desktop or laptop but can also be accessed through smartphones and tablets if the user downloads the mobile version from the relevant app store. Each account can only log in on one device at a time.  Also, read Target Trading Review: Unlock the World of Crypto Trading and More.

User Interface: Design and Function 

The platform has a minimalistic, professional appearance- choosing stripped-back colors and displays to make the whole thing feel sleek and sophisticated. That approach is mirrored in its controls- favoring intuitive navigations and easy-to-follow tools and controls.  Target Trading’s look is hard to fault and performs very well. One or two elements are a little slower than others, which is a possible area for improvement in the future.  It is worth noting that the mobile version is not quite as developed as the desktop platform and does not offer a broad range of features. 

User Experience: Support and Service 

Having support and assistance on hand when needed is beneficial regardless of how experienced a person is. Target Trading has an excellent customer service system that covers all bases 24 hours a day. It includes live chat boxes during business hours, fast email correspondence around the clock, and automated support features with an impressive knowledge base.  Some accounts also come with personalized service from dedicated account managers who work closely with account holders to optimize their time on the platform. 

User Accounts: Subscriptions and Costs 

Target Trading is a paid platform. It has a monthly payment set up with an automatic fee taken from the account. There are several options to choose from- each with varying benefits and inclusions. Part of the setup process (which can take some time) is finding the perfect match for a person’s trading profile and requirements. Also, read X-TradeBrokers Review: The Best Crypto Trading Platform for Millennial.

Wrapping Up

Crypto trading is an exciting investment market, and Target Trading is an excellent place to do it. It also had the added bonus of offering access to a range of other possibilities- and doing it all with modern style and excellent service. If that all sounds appealing, visit the website for more information about how to take the next steps. Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.


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