That’s because special events during these times create excitement and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), which makes customers allocate special budgets to spend on goods and services during such holidays. To capitalize on business traffic driven by these events and maximize sales, you need new marketing strategies that align with the spirit of the times. That’s where seasonal marketing tactics come in. Of course, it’ll take money to run seasonal marketing campaigns during the holidays. If you’re a minority business owner struggling to fund your marketing expenses, you can access ITIN loans from an online lender, especially if you don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN)

What is Seasonal Marketing?

Seasonal marketing refers to promotions that businesses create during holidays or other special events of the year to leverage the high traffic driven by the shopping excitement that arises during these special times of the year. Seasonal marketing aims to maximize sales by creating season-themed promotions that will resonate with the holiday spirit and appeal to customers’ needs during that season. Top benefits on seasonal marketing include:

Capturing customers’ excitement to drive trafficAppealing to customers’ seasonal needsIncreasing brand awarenessIncreasing conversionsBoosting products sales

Seasonal Marketing Ideas To Apply In Your Small Business

1. Customize Your Email List

Creating a relevant email list for the holidays is a great way to boost traffic and increase sales. You can easily do that by changing the incentives you offer for new email signups ahead of the special holiday. For instance, you can offer early access to Christmas deals as an opt-in incentive and then retarget your leads with the right holiday content and offers to boost sales.

2. Promote Seasonal Products Together

Create a special product page and gather the relevant products for a holiday on that page. Then promote that page in all your marketing channels, including social media, email, and more. Take Christmas, for example. You can collect all the products that work well as Christmas gifts and promote them on one product page to make it easier for customers to choose the right gifts.

3. A Countdown Timer To Build Anticipation

Building anticipation is a great marketing tactic during holidays. It helps create hype and excitement around the upcoming events, which triggers FOMO in people and makes them want to take action. A countdown timer on your website to naturally draw your customer’s attention to the upcoming seasonal sale. You can even add a CTA on the countdown encouraging your customers to add their favorites and save their carts so that they can breeze through the checkout when the sale starts.

4. Season-Specific Testimonials

Including season-specific testimonials on your holiday product pages can work a miracle. These are testimonials of customers who bought similar items from you last season and left a review, feedback, or a comment on how helpful the product was in improving their experience during the holiday. Look through your testimonial archives and get all the holiday-specific testimonials. Then display them on your product pages to win buyer confidence and drive more sales.

5. Holiday Offers

Holiday offers and deals help drive more traffic, customer engagement and boost sales. For instance, you can offer daily or weekly provides for a longer holiday like Christmas, such that you have new daily or weekly offers to encourage customers to return and shop again for a new gift. For instance, you can offer free shipping, discounts, or freebies when a customer reaches a certain purchase threshold.

Other Tips That Will Help Your Company In This Season

Gift wrapping: Add gift wrapping option at checkout to help customers save timeSeasonal events: Create fun seasonal games, events, contests, and other fun activities to engage holiday shoppers.Tailored campaigns: Build your campaigns around the excitement and sentiment of the holiday seasonOrganic traffic: Improve your SEO to get more organic trafficSocial media: Uses social media to promote your holiday offersClear ads: Keep ads simple, relevant, and easy-to-understand with clear CTATechnical issues: Prepare for a host of technical and shipping issues that come with a spike in sales during the holidays.Customer services: Offer great customer service to mitigate the effects of negative experiences during holidays.

Fund Your Seasonal Marketing With ITIN Loans

ITIN loans are meant for minority business owners who struggle to get loans from traditional lenders due to a lack of relevant identity documents, like a social security number (SSN). If you’re one of them, don’t panic. You can now obtain ITIN loans from fintech lenders to fund your seasonal marketing campaigns. Visit the link in the intro to see whether an ITIN loan is right for your business.


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