The world of trading platforms has offered us this ease. At any point in time, from anywhere across the globe, we have access to our real time investment values. One of such online brokerage platforms is StateHills, a truly exceptional agency.  Has the above ignited your curiosity? Would you like to learn more? Lets read more about this broker.

StateHills: Developing A Strong Clientele

Any trading platform’s strong point is definitely their customers. They bear testament to that brokerage’s ability and capability to provide value. When we set out to investigate about StateHills, we found a strong client backing which was impressive for a broker that is relatively young in the financial market.  Also, their client base is diverse, featuring investors from a number of different countries and backgrounds. They feature stay at home moms investing their savings, bankers investing their earnings and even entrepreneurs investing their funds! This showed us that StateHills has an appeal for investors across the board, regardless of their background.

Financial Markets Products Access And StateHills

Like we have mentioned previously, StateHills has aspirations to provide access to popular asset markets under its platform umbrella. The reason for this is, no StateHills client should have to contract out to multiple brokerage houses in order to build their dream portfolio.  Access to major markets include:

Shares in major public limited companiesShare optionsFuturesForwardsPairs of popular Forex including JPY/USDMajorly traded indices such as FTSE100Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

Trading Specifics

As you can see, the asset offering is impressive. Now comes the major part, where do we trade these incredible assets? The obvious answer is: on their trading platform. How exactly is StateHills’s trading platform? StateHills has split its platform into two major interfaces:

Beginners interface: has a basic platform to kickstart your trading journey if you are new to this worldAdvanced interface: this is packed with up to date tools and analytical mechanisms to supplement the trading journey of the advanced trader.

Entering StateHills’s Trade World

If you are ready to start with StateHills, the first step involves setting up your trading login. This is the easiest step of all as you are required to list down your basic details and submit them.  Next, a StateHills representative will arrange a call back to verify your details and request a copy of your identification document. For this purpose you can upload any government issued identification such as your passport, citizen ID or even a driving license. Second, the StateHills representative will ask you what your preferred account funding currency is, StateHills accepts British Pound, US Dollar and the Euro. Most clients from other parts of the globe who do not have access to the above currencies should select US Dollars. This will ensure that your currency is converted to US Dollars. This will incur a foreign currency conversion charge which might be high or low depending on your banking services provider.

StateHills Best Features And Some Downsides

The best feature in our opinion has to be their stellar platform. It is super fast and built to impress.  Second, their customer facilitation team is available round the clock all week. They are professional, polite and well informed. The downside we have felt so far is the lack of a mobile application. StateHills is conscious about the fact and are adamant that they will soon have a mobile application released for the benefit of its clientele. 

Closing Comments

Did you read our entire article and wonder why you aren’t on StateHills’s client list yet? If yes, please be our guest and visit their website and begin your partnership with StateHills! Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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