The Starbucks NFTs have been announced recently, and the brand has not yet disclosed much about it or how they plan to introduce their collectibles to their users. Hence, we can only wait and watch and see how things turn up. You can now read our article below and satiate all your curiosities for the time being.

Starbucks NFTs Collection

Starbucks has confirmed the launch of its first NFT. The NFTs will be introduced later this year. It is inspired by the brand that is coffee art and story-telling. According, to an Instagram post, by NFTmeta world, the brand has disclosed that they believe it will become a full-fledged digital community, majorly focusing on coffee before expanding on art, music, and books. The brand plans to create a series of branded NFT collections where the NFTs would be used for membership and give users access to different perks and experiences. According to the brand the Starbucks NFTs would include classic artistic expressions in collaboration with world-class brands and other collaborators. Starbucks have not yet disclosed much about their blockchains. Also read, Mark Zuckerberg’s NFT | 1992 Little League Baseball Card to NFT

Introduction of Starbucks NFTs

The mobile payments system of Starbucks had helped to spread the idea of using a phone to pay for orders even before Apple Pay and NFC-based tap-to-pay checkout experiences were around the corner. Starbucks said Mobile Order and Pay is a $4 billion business, up 400% in five years and up 20% over last year. Starbucks is now working to introduce enhanced digital tipping. Here the customers can tip even when they are not paying with their Starbucks card. The NFTs would be introduced through their online platform, Starbucks Digital Community Web3. This community would help to strengthen the brand and engage their partner. The interim CEO of Starbucks is Howard Schultz, who mentioned that the company’s new owner should be a person well versed in blockchains and other related innovations. The new owner should be able to think according to the crowd they are catering to and bring changes in the mode of their digital payment so that the brand is relevant outside as it is inside. The new owner should also explain the importance and relevance of Starbucks NFTs and make the people excited to buy them. Also read, How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Starbucks? All Questions Answered!

Wrapping Up

As we have noticed, many brands stepping into the NFT bandwagon, and Starbucks is the new entry. The announcement of the Starbucks NFTs in the market may bring relevant changes in the payment mode of the stores. Although the brand suffered a lot during the new Covid rules, they have not yet disclosed much about the fiscal policies and new financial projections for the future.


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