The larger chunk of gamers is switching to SSDs as the prices of SSDs have lowered since 2019. SSDs are good for installing Operating Systems (OS), and most people know it already. Yet, there is confusion regarding their usability in gaming. I am here to cast off all the confusion today. Does an SSD enhance in-game performance? Does it replace traditional hard drives? I will answer these questions throughout the article. Is it beneficial to have an SSD for a gaming PC in 2022? Of course, it is. But how? You will find out in no time. SSD vs HDD gaming will be discussed thoroughly here. From incorporating an SSD to your present computer having an HDD to completely switching to an SSD, I will cover everything.

SSD vs HDD Gaming

Before comparing games on SSD and HDD and discussing different kinds of solutions, let me first define the two.

What is an HDD?

HDD or Hard Disk Drive has actual disks inside it. HDD is used to store data permanently and retrieve data whenever needed. HDDs have a large storage capacity. An HDD contains a series of platters. The fast-moving head that reads and writes data on these platters works just like the vinyl records. They are fairly cheaper SSDs. All in all, HDDs have been here for a very long time.  A hard disk drive relies on moving parts and so are subject to mechanical damage. It also consumes a lot of power while being slower than SSDs in loading programs. Yet, millions of HDDs are bought every day and happen to be the most popular storage device. Check out HDDs here. Also, read How Long do Laptops Last | What’s the Average Battery Life of a Laptop?

What is an SSD?

An SSD or Solid State Drive performs the same functions as HDD. But, SSDs can perform the functions significantly faster. When you install the OS in the SSD, it loads faster. Unlike Hard Disk Drives, SSDs have no moving parts. So there is no risk of mechanical breakdowns.  The two main elements that constitute SSDs are the flash controller and NAND Flash Memory chips. SSDs can be used anywhere HDDs are used i.e. laptops, desktops, computer games, digital cameras, smartphones, digital music players, tablets, and thumb drives.  Any business that needs systems with higher input/output (I/O) incorporates SSDs. SSDs offer low latency than HDDs. Therefore, they can perform heavy read and random workloads efficiently. Any program that is installed in an SSD loads faster. Check out SSDs here. Also, read Red vs Blue vs Brown Switches: Which is the Best For You?

SSD vs HDD Gaming | What Benchmarks Say

If you are unable to decide on SSD or HDD for gaming, you should know what gaming benchmarks say. SSD definitely makes your OS boot speed significantly higher along with other programs installed on it. But that doesn’t mean it will heighten any performance in gaming. The benchmarks say that the difference between HDD and SSD is negligible in gaming.  If you want a higher framerate, you should utilize your money to buy a new graphics card first and then go for a new CPU and RAM later rather than wasting it on an SSD.  Are you still asking “Should I install my games on SSD or HDD?” Then, proceed to the next section. Also, read 5 Best 1440p 240Hz Monitor for Gaming in 2022 

In What Ways Can SSDs Help Gamers?

There are a few ways SSDs can help gamers though they cannot enhance any in-game experience. It provides you with higher boot times. So, your games (installed on SSDs) will load faster. In some cases, loading a game from an SSD will take half the time it takes from an HDD. It also fastens the load times to go from a game’s menu to the game. 

Are SSD and HDD Together a Good Combination?

Earlier, people used to go for a strategy where they used their then-present HDD for storage and get a low-storage SSD to install their OS. This was from a time when SSDs were on the costlier side. But today, SSDs are way cheaper than back then. Also, read Cheap Gaming PC Build: Here’s How To Build Your Best Gaming PC So, there is no great benefit in going for the combination. You can easily get a high-storage SSD and you are sorted. However, if you need a humongous amount of storage, you can go for pairing an SSD and a larger HDD.

Should I Install my Games on SSD or HDD?

Many gamers seem to ask this question; “SSD or DHH gaming?” Well, it depends. If you have enough storage capacity on your SSD, you should definitely put your games in your SSD. It will cut down the load speed. But if you don’t have enough space on the SSD, you should prioritize putting your most played games and used applications in it. You can put your games in an HDD, and they will work just fine.

SSD vs HDD Gaming

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Wrapping Up

Well, the topic of SSD vs HDD gaming is not a new one. And I don’t think you will have any doubt about choosing one after reading this article. Combining the two is an old strategy many of us are still using. You can go for it too. In gaming, though it will not enhance any performance while playing, it will cut down the load speed. Until next time, Ciao!


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