Spotify makes for the best music platform, regardless of what Apple users say. It’s fun, it’s cozy, and it has these fun little events we wait the whole year for. And if you’re strong enough to handle brutal roasting, I definitely recommend you  So, what are the Spotify Wrapped personality types this year? Based on what artists and genres you listen to repeatedly, Spotify categorizes you into one of the 16 personality types. So, let’s get to know them.

Spotify Wrapped Personality Types 2022

Some of us can’t get out of the classic era of songs. Some of us are EDM fans. There are people who are explorers when it comes to music. Spotify identifies your type and puts you into categories/personalities that suit your listening habits the most. These types are Spotify personality types. Also, read What is Spotify Audio Day in Spotify Wrapped 2022 | Tried & Tested! According to Spotify’s Get to Know Your Music Listening Personality from 2022 Wrapped page, Your Listening Personality is made up of four metrics. These metrics are:


The titles above are self-explanatory. Spotify juxtaposes opposite characteristics and judges your personality.

There Are 16 Spotify Wrapped Personality Types

The 16 personality types in Spotify Wrapped are as follows:

1. The Specialist (FNVU)

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2. The Jukeboxer (FTVC)

3. The Voyager (ENLC)

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4. The Nomad (ENLU)

5. The Musicologist (ETVC)

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6. The Time Traveler (ETVU)

7. The Enthusiast (FNLC)

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8. The Top Charter (ETLC)

9. The Fan Clubber (FNVC)

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10. The Maverick (ETLU)

11. The Connoisseur (FTLC)

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12. The Replayer (FTLU)

13. The Devotee (FNLU)

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14. The Deep Diver (FTVU)

15. The Early Adopter (ENVC)

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16. The Adventurer (ENVU)

So, these are the Spotify Wrapped personality types. The abbreviations are the initials from the metrics that I mentioned earlier. They are your personality’s attributes.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

At the end of every year, Spotify ”wraps up” the music you listened to and releases Spotify Wrapped. Every December, Spotify allows its users to review personalized music stats that they can share easily, which is fun just to look at, with an interesting format. Also, read Spotify Instafest: How to Get Spotify Instafest App? Spotify users get insights on the songs and artists they listened to the most. You will also be able to see the amount of time you spent listening to music on Spotify. Spotify will also mention your personality type.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what Spotify Wrapped personality types are. So, do not delay and go and check out your personality type on Spotify Wrapped. And don’t forget to share your personality type with your friends if you are proud of it. My personality type is The Jukeboxer according to Spotify. Tell me what’s yours in the comments below. Ciao fellow Spotifiers!

  1. Launch the Spotify app.2. Go to “Spotify Wrapped is Here” from the home screen.3. Click on the slideshare. That’s it! That’s your Spotify Wrapped 2022!


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