Gotham Knights undoubtedly draw inspiration from the video game franchise Batman: Arkham while not being related to it. These puzzles bring a fresh aspect to the gameplay by making you use your intellect and the resources at your disposal to maneuver around. Although some of the game’s puzzles are fairly simple to accomplish, others are quite challenging and will leave you wondering what to do next. The Gotham Knights Frequency Puzzle keep players on their toes and can alter the game’s flow. However, some puzzles may only cause confusion to remain. You can solve another Gotham Knights puzzle with the help of our guide as we lead you through Align the Frequencies.

How To Solve Gotham Knights Frequency Puzzle by Aligning the Frequencies 

Despite the fact that this Gotham Knights Frequency puzzle initially seems simple, it’s regrettably anything but. Gotham Knights bring you to Arkham Tower’s summit in “Align the Frequencies.” You discover yourself in a room filled with transmitters; your task is to align them all till their wavelengths are green. But don’t just hang around with them and talk to them. To complete the Gotham Knights Frequency puzzle, certain steps must be taken in a specific order. The center device will overload if anything is done out of order, and your progress on the other devices is lost.  However, Align the Frequencies has no time constraint, so you are free to take your time if necessary to complete this Gotham Knights frequency puzzle. If not, you can quickly resolve the issue by following the procedures we have listed below. Also, read All Minecraft Batman Villains & Locations | Minecraft X Gotham Knights Steps to Solve Gotham Knights Frequency Puzzle –

To the right, select the transmitter with the blue wired connection. To make it turn green, make three interactions with it. Choose the transmitter that is close to the red wired connector on the right-hand side. For it to turn green, you must interact with it twice. The transmitter with the orange connected connection is on the left; proceed there. To turn it green, simply interact with it twice. The transmitter next to it with the green connected connection is where you should go. Two interactions with it will cause it to turn green.

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Wrapping Up

So, this was all about Gotham Knights frequency puzzle. Just follow the steps precisely without wasting more time and level up your gaming. Keep sharing this article on Gotham Knights frequency puzzle with your fellow gamers. Also, stay tuned to the Path Of EX website for more such details. Happy Gaming!


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