When you sign up for Soltechx, you get access to an ecosystem of products that help you to get more value for your effort. In addition, the brokerage will give users the tools they need to monitor and track their trading progress. To better understand the platform’s advantages and disadvantages, here is our Soltechx review.


Diverse Assets Available

Soltechx has a long list of assets available on the brokerage. These assets are available for all users and can be purchased anytime. Additionally, this diverse pool of assets means that users can trade and purchase assets from a wide range of markets, broadening users’ horizons. With the assets available on the platform, users can build well-hedged portfolios from market shocks or price movements. Some of these assets include CFDs, stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, options, and bonds. These assets are available to all users and can be purchased once you deposit money into your account. 

Dummy Trading Accounts

The platform provides dummy trading accounts for users to practice their trading skills without losing any money. Traders on the platform can freely use the dummy accounts whenever they want and can switch between their live and dummy accounts. A dummy account is a safe place where users can test out their trading strategies in market simulations. Users can also test the trading tools to understand better how they work. This dummy account helps traders to boost their trading chops by providing a risk-free environment with all the market simulations needed for traders to hone their skills.  

Portfolio Tracking Tools

Soltechx has portfolio tracking tools that traders can use to monitor their portfolios accurately. These tools enable them to properly track the value of the assets in their portfolio and how they are performing in the market. The information from the analysis would help users better understand their performance in the market and how they can tweak their strategies. It is a useful tool for traders who want to get an edge in the market and would like to tweak their trading strategies to build a stronger portfolio. Finally, the portfolio tracking tools help users rebalance their portfolios efficiently.

Market Analysis and Updates

Soltechx provides market updates and asset analysis for traders. These market updates allow users to get ahead of the market and make trades before the market moves. Additionally, it allows traders to make trades and get their information from the same place. Traders can also set alerts for assets to be notified when important information breaks. On the other hand, there will be asset analysis for traders by experts. These experts would help traders break down the market and give them an idea of where the market trends are headed. 


Slow Account Opening Process

It takes some time to open an account with Soltechx. This long opening time is because of the verification process new users must undergo to authenticate their accounts. Furthermore, these checks ensure that users on the platform are protected from any fraudulent activity and are safe from bad actors. Soltechx takes users through rigorous AML (Anti-Money Laundry) and KYC (Know Your Customer) checks, but once those stages are complete, they have full access to their account. It is worthy of note that the platform is worth the wait as the benefits outweigh the stress of waiting for the account review process.

Final Word

If you want a brokerage partner that offers reliable trading, then you are in the right place. The Soltechx platform offers you market updates and portfolio tracking tools that keep you on top of your game. For more details on the brokerage, visit the Soltechx platform website Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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