If you are an avid user of  Snapchat you might want to know all the features and upgrades that Snapchat Plus offers. Snapchat is widely known for its cool features. If it’s an innovative and new feature, it is sure to be there on Snapchat. Even if the Snapchat team decides to take back the feature due to any glitch, you will find a newer version. Now, Snapchat is offering a premium membership, Snapchat Plus. This premium membership is not free. It has also been launched only a few days ago. We have laid down all the advantages and disadvantages of Snapchat Plus and Snapchat. This will help you in deciding if you want to get the new upgraded version, Snapchat Plus. Or if you want to stick to the standard Snapchat. Here is a breakdown of Snapchat Plus vs Snapchat.

Snapchat Plus vs Snapchat

Wondering if you should get Snapchat Plus? We have listed a comparison between the standard and upgraded versions. Here’s your answer for which one is the better version, Snapchat Plus vs Snapchat. Also, read How To Get Ring Light On Snapchat in 2022 | Snapchat Introduces New Interesting Features!

Snapchat Plus

Advantages: According to various sources and users that have upgraded to Snapchat Plus, the new version lets you have a custom app icon. You won’t be needing any third-party apps to change the icon now. Another cool feature that is rumored to be rolled out is the viewer story count. You will now be able to see how many times a person has viewed your story. Snapchat Plus also lets you have your own Solar System consisting of your best friends. Each planet will be given to your friend. The ranking of the planet will let you know the rank your best friends holds in your list. Disadvantages: Snapchat Plus, the premium version comes with a monthly subscription fee of $3.99. Even with a paid membership, the official site does not clearly mention the features or upgrades that the users can experience. As it has been launched only a few days ago, it is too soon to make a judgment.  Also, read How To Get Streaks Back On Snapchat | Easiest 9 Steps


Advantages: Snapchat standard version is free of cost. Whereas, the upgraded version is for a monthly subscription. Even if you have a Snapchat, you can expect the features of Snapchat Plus to be rolled out into the standard version eventually. As Snapchat Plus is essentially for experimental and pre-release features.  Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is you will have to wait for the features of Snapchat Plus to be released on the standard app after some time. Also, read Snapchat Drone Review in Terms of Price, Products & Availability

Wrapping Up

So now you have the answer to Snapchat Plus vs Snapchat. You can be the judge of which version of the two is better and worth the price. If you don’t use Snapchat regularly, you don’t need to think twice.  But if you are someone who uses Snapchat regularly, will you get try the upgraded version? Let us know in the comments! We will come back with all the newest trending stuff. Keep checking in with Path Of Ex!


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