You can now change your Snapchat username. If you have been using your account since you were a teenager, it might be time to change your username. Emojis on Snapchat let you know a lot of things. You can now get the Yellow heart emoji on the app. Snapchatters are crazy about Snapchat streaks. But now, you can recover Snapchat streak as well. There are emojis by which you can actually know when your Snapstreak is about to break. So, what is the Snapchat new update? Let me tell you why Twitter is buzzing with its discussion right now.

Snapchat New Update Features Users Dislike

Snapchat has released a new update recently. This one, though, is disliked by many users. This Snapchat new update has got it all wrong. Many people took to Twitter to complain about how their memories from the start were deleted. Another error that has defied Snapchats purpose is a notification on half-swipes and updated snap scores.

1. Snapchat Update Deleted Memories for Many Users

All the Memories have been completely deleted for many users because of the newest Snapchat update. While many thought that this was a glitch, it was not. Snapchat Memories stored over the years have been deleted just like that for many users. Apparently, the memories that are erased are from the time you started using Snapchat. Also, read How to Change the Color of Snapchat’s Camera Borders: An Easy 6-Step Guide

2. Snapchat New Update Sends Notification When Someone Half Swipes on Chats

Snapchat HQ just granted her wish. Is it a glitch or part of an actual update? No one knows! As we all know, you can half-swipe messages in the chat to read them without opening the messages. But with the recent update, users are getting notifications about half-swipe messages being read. It is unsure if Snapchat will remove this feature in the next update. But many users are mad about this one.

3. Snapchat Update Lets You Check the Updated Snapscore

Another one of Snapchat new update features is an updated snap score. The new update has changed the snap score from the time last checked. The updated scores can literally begin wars among Gen-Z. While most people are trying to resist checking scores, it is an update that can make or break a lot of friendships and relationships on Snapchat. Also, read What is Snapchat Director Mode and Its Benefits For Creators

4. New Snapchat Update Sends a Notification When Someone Adds a Story

One of the Snapchat new update features that has everyone annoyed is the story update notification. Now, every time a user you have added posts a story update, you get a notification on the app. This is especially annoying if you have just added the person. We all know how constant chimes of notifications can make us feel moody.

5. Snapchat New Update is Not Letting Users Save Memories to Camera Roll

If all the above reasons were not enough for you to quit Snapchat RN, here is another one. Many Snapchatters have complained that they are unable to save memories to camera roll right now. This Snapchat new update has made it a task to take photos, save them to memories and then save them to your camera roll. We are hoping this one issue gets resolved ASAP. Also, read How To Backup Camera Roll To Snapchat On iPhone & Android (2022)

Wrapping Up

So, now you know all the Snapchat new update features. The votes on these features are currently divided. While some users are loving the new updates, others are annoyed by the changes. Let us know in the comments what you feel about these new updates. We will keep coming up with more news on Snapchat. Follow us, so you don’t miss out. Keep scrolling through Path of EX!


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