You might be wondering why people are going crazy all over again for something that happened last year. Well! The reason is the latest update of Snapchat Bitmoji that brought a major change by setting your 3D Bitmoji default in every place where you could find it in the 2D version earlier. Yes! It’s true. And if you didn’t realize it till now, go and check your profiles. And people are majorly upset because of the change it brought to Snapcodes, where now you will be seeing a 3D version of Bitmojis instead of your previous cheerful 2D Bitmojis.

Snapchat Bitmoji Update 2022

Everything happening around has given rise to another wave of rants on Twitter. People are ranting about the changes and how they are feeling about the new default features of Snapchat. Earlier last year, you also saw such a scenario on Twitter when 3D Bitmojis were introduced, and again, you can witness people’s frustration and annoyance with the new changes. But it seems like Snapchat doesn’t care about its user’s views on the recent change it has brought, and neither they cared when they faced the same sort of criticism and anger of people last year. This is making users more frustrated than ever before. Many are looking for ways to remove Bitmoji from their Profiles, and many have already removed theirs. And some of them are even saying they’re gonna leave the platform if the changes are not retrieved back. Since the time Snapchat acquired Bitstrips- a company that has given the right to Snapchat users to design personalized avatars, you are witnessing changes. Changes are good, but not every change can satisfy users, which is the ultimate goal of any social media platform. Earlier, they incorporated these avatars into stickers, and nowadays, you’re using these avatars as profile pictures, emojis, and even using them to decorate snapcodes. And that’s the reason why it hits users really hard. They are not at all liking these weird-looking avatars of them and are voicing for the previous cheerful Bitmojis. One of the users tweeted- “@Snapchat guys come on with the new update man. people complained about you changing their characters to those weird 3D robot looking things and now you’ve gone and changed the snap code and profile image to the same ugly thing. what are you doing??“ And some are even saying they look like Ist generation Nintendo Mii’s. Have a look at this tweet-

People’s Reaction to Snapchat Bitmoji Update

Check out these tweets and have an idea of how annoyed people are with the new changes that Snapchat has introduced. Some are saying, “this bitmoji update on snapchat is so ugly” while others are saying, “ew the bitmoji snapchat update is disgusting.”

How to Remove 3D Bitmoji on Snapchat?

If you want to remove 3D Bitmoji on Snapchat, here is your step-by-step guide to know how to remove 3D bitmoji on Snapchat. Step 1: Open Snapchat. Step 2: Tap on your Bitmoji. Step 3: Tap on Settings. Step 4: Click on the Bitmoji option. Step 5: Tap on Unlink My Bitmoji at the bottom. Step 6: At last, click on Unlink. And with this, your 3D Bitmoji is removed from Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. This is all you need to know about Snapchat Bitmoji updates and why this thing is trending on Twitter all over again. For any other query related to Snapchat, you can always comment in the comments section below. So, guys, that’s it. Take care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more such updates related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Bye! Bye!


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