There may be instances when it is useful to retrieve past messages on Snapchat. These could include sentimental conversations with loved ones, important client contact information, or even information that may be relevant in legal situations. To ensure that messages are not automatically deleted, Snapchat allows users to save messages for 24 hours or to manually save them to Chat Media. This can be helpful in preserving important conversations or information for future reference. Learn how to recover deleted Snapchat messages and snaps using various methods. In this article, I will walk you through several methods for recovering them. You can choose the one that works best for you. Keep reading for detailed instructions and assistance.

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages?

If you’ve mistakenly deleted a Snapchat chat and are curious about how to recover it, you have a few alternatives. While there is no built-in recovery function in the app, there are hacks that can enable you to recover deleted Snapchat messages. Nevertheless, based on how long it has been since the message was originally received or sent, certain messages may not be retrieved. You may also store your conversations within the app to save the bother of attempting to recover deleted messages in the future. Please be aware that it is not possible to restore deleted Snapchat messages to regular chat heads, as Snapchat messages are encrypted. The methods discussed in this article will only allow you to recover deleted Snapchat messages that are still stored on your device’s storage, from which you can view them. Also, read Secure Your Snaps: Can Snapchat See Your Snaps?

Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages From The “My Data” Page

This method works on both smartphones (Android and iPhone) and Snapchat web. When you use Snapchat services, Snapchat collects information about you and from you, such as your mobile number, email address, and Snaps you’ve uploaded to Our Story. Aside from deleted Snapchat chats, you may access Snap History, Login History and Account Information, User Profile Memories, and User Profile, Memories, Email Campaigns History, and almost everything that you have used Snapchat for. To download “My Data” and recover deleted Snapchat messages follow these steps: Step 01: Open Snapchat and select your Profile icon in the upper left corner. Also, read What Does Received Mean on Snapchat: All Messaging Icons Explained! Step 02: In the top right corner, click the “Settings” icon. On Snapchat Web, hit “Account Settings.” Step 03: Locate the “My Data” option and click on it. Step 04: You may need to re-enter your credentials to access the My Data page. Step 05: You can filter the date range and or toggle it off. Step 06: Hit the SUBMIT REQUEST button. Step 07: You will see “We’ve Received Your Request” as an acknowledgment. Now, wait until you receive an email notification from Snapchat. You need to go there and unzip the My Data folder. Also, read Who Owns Snapchat? Let’s Unravel the Mystery!

How to Access the “My Data” Folder?

Once your download is ready, you will receive an email from Snapchat. Here is how to download and access My Data to recover deleted Snapchat messages: Step 01: Go to your registered email ID app or site and open the email from Snapchat. Step 02: Click on the first hyperlink in the mail body that reads, “Please click here to access the data…” Step 03: You will be redirected to the My Data page. Step 04: Next to “Your Data is Ready,” tap on the hyperlink starting with “mydata…”. It will start downloading the folder. Step 05: Unzip the downloaded folder. Step 06: Open the unzipped folder and click on the html folder. Step 07: Go to chats_history, and that is how to recover deleted Snapchat messages. Also, read Gift Snapchat Plus Subscription: A Friendly 5 Steps Guide

Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on Android Phone

Apart from downloading the “My Data” folder, Android users are lucky enough to recover deleted Snapchat messages in several more ways. Let’s explore the best two options:

Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on Android from PC

It is one of the easiest things to do in regard to retrieving deleted Snapchat conversations. Just get your USB cable ready and turn the PC on. Now follow these steps to recover deleted Snapchat messages: Step 01: Using a USB cord, connect your Android handset to a PC. Step 02: When your PC recognizes your device, open its folder and browse to Android. Step 03: Select Data. Step 04: Look for and select the file Step 05: Choose the messages you want to retrieve from the Cache folder. Step 06: Select the Recover folder. Following these procedures, you will be able to recover and access your messages. This approach, however, can only retrieve the most recent messages. As time passes, older cached data is deleted. Also, read Snapchat Year in Review 2022 is Out | Know Where to Find It Now!

Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on Android via Snapchat Cache

This is the best option to recover deleted Snapchat messages if a user doesn’t have a computer. Here is how to: Step 01: Open Files.Step 02: Go to Internal Storage in the Files app.Step 03: Open the Android folder, then the Data folder, and finally, the folder. Step 04: All files with the .nomedia extension should be renamed. Try adding file extensions, such as .txt, .jpg, or .mp4, one by one until the file opens. Examine the files which appear to recover deleted Snapchat messages. If no files or anything else appears, it signifies the cache folder has been changed or destroyed. This approach is only applicable to the most current files. Also, read Is Snapchat Plus Worth it? Know This Before Getting Snapchat Plus

Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on an iPhone

Contrary to Android, it is not possible to recover deleted Snapchat messages on iPhone/iOS devices using built-in features. However, third-party tools like iBeesoft and FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery can be used to recover deleted snaps on iOS. You can use any other software; they all work synonymously (in most cases). Let me show you how to recover deleted Snapchat messages on iPhone using iBeesoft. Step 01: Download and install the iBeesoft Phone Data Recovery on your PC. Step 02: Connect your iPhone to your PC using a USB cable. Step 03: Once the software detects your device, click on Recover From iOS Device to initiate the recovery process. Step 04: Click on Scan to confirm. Step 05: Once the scan is complete, all recoverable items will be sorted into categories and displayed on your screen. Step 06: Select Snapchat Messages and then click on Recover. Also, read What Does The X Mean On Snapchat (2022) | How To Remove ‘Grey X’ On Snapchat?

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages?

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, folks! A foolproof guide on how to recover deleted Snapchat messages. I hope this article has been helpful for all of you Snapchatters out there. If you’ve successfully recovered your messages, let me know in the comments below! Don’t keep this knowledge to yourself — share this article with all your Snapchat-using friends and ensure they’re prepared in case of any message mishaps. And if you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Path of EX — we’ll be more than happy to help.


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