Sometimes, you just want to choose Pikachu and shock the life out of someone. Just like any other fighting game, there exists a tier list here as well, and if you are searching for the Smash Ultimate Tier List, you are at the right place as we have created the best list we possibly could come up with for our readers. Although tier lists are subjective, they are really important for newcomers who are just looking to start the game and do not want to spend hours going through different characters to see which one fits the bill so they can go ahead and play with the said character. The tier list is here to give you an idea about where to start and what to avoid.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tier List (Fighters Ranked By Tier)

As someone who grew up on fighting games, I have managed to realize that tier lists are important for various reasons. It is a great tool for all the newcomers, and therefore, in this article, we are going to take a look at all the fighters that are found in Smash Bros and how well they rank.

Tier S

As the name suggests, tier S is reserved for the best possible fighters that you can find in the game. Now, I have to tell you beforehand that just because a character is in tier S does not mean that they will make you the best player in Smash Bros. Skill plays a very important role here. Lucina: We are starting tier S with Lucina, she is the Marth’s Echo Fighter with a good set of skills and moves. The reason why she’s top tier is thanks to her attack range being strong and having really good movement speed. Sadly, she does struggle with enemy projectiles, but you can learn how to manage that with ease. Pikachu: Pikachu is another one of the more solid characters when you are looking for recovery and amazing edgeguarding. Sadly, Pikachu is prone to dying easily if you are being reckless. So, be careful when you are playing with him. Peach: Peach is another great character in the top list because of her airborne picks as well as an excellent lethal down special; she also brings some of the best combos along with great projectile attacks. Daisy: When looking at Daisy, you will realize that her move set is a lot similar to the one that Peach has, but thanks to her overall personality and character, she still manages to fight like a champion. Falco: If you are looking for characters that are generally hard to master but often have a lot of advantages in fights, Falco is the one. He offers excellent speed, as well as recovery, and can dominate aerial battles. However, a bit hard to master. Wii Fit Trainer: Wii Fit Trainer has been shuffled around the tier list for some time now, but with the latest patch, it has become one of the best characters with really helpful yoga poses that allow for good defense. However, the character is still middling in terms of stats overall. Toon Link: We now have Toon Link. He is smaller than the standard Link, and that grants for a higher speed and some fun melee moves. But at the same time, the damage is average, and Toon Link is easier to kill, as well. Young Link: Young Link is another excellent character for anyone who is looking for great projectile attacks along with higher damage. Granted, he has lower recovery stats, but in the hands of the right player, he is an absolute force. Ryu: Street Fighter’s golden child Ryu is an excellent character as it offers some of the best combos and, in addition to that, great takedown abilities. Sadly, the recovery is average, and that can lead him open to more damage. Pikmin And Olimar: If you are looking for a good aerial character, Olimar is great. However, he also relies heavily on Pikmin pals, and once they are dead, Olimar struggles to keep up the fight, and that makes him vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Inkling: The great thing about Inkling is that it remains one of the more balanced characters; harder to hit and excellent when it comes to doing damage. Sadly, the character is difficult to master. Ridley: If you are looking for an absolute beast of a character, Ridley gets the job done with powerful smash attacks as well as good projectiles. However, the character is slow and very easy to dispose of. Chrom: Chrom is excellent when it comes to longer reach as well as super-fast attacks. He also has some good defense on his side but has poor recovery. Hero: If you are looking for a character with one-hit KO moves and great finishing power, Hero is the one to go for. However, his MP is on the lower side. R.O.B: R.O.B is excellent when you are talking about strong projectile options and great recovery. Sadly, he is marred with slow attacks. Pichu: Pichu is one of the faster characters with a lot of combos. However, it is easy to kill and manages to damage itself using electric attacks.

Tier A

Next up, we are looking at tier A, slightly below the S tier, but with the right experience and understanding of Smash works as a fighting game, you can easily dominate your opponents with characters from this tier as well. This is also the most populated tier, so let’s get started. Roy: The first character in this tier list is Roy; with excellent melee kill power and speed, he makes up for a formidable character. Marred only with poor recovery and lack of any kill throws. But still, a great character. Marth: Marth is another excellent character if you are looking for someone with an excellent reach and good damage. Not just that, the recovery is also great here. Mega Man: For anyone searching for a character that has a long list of projectiles and how he uses them, Mega Man is the one to go for with great interruptions as well and easy combos. Pyra / Mythra: These characters allow you to have the power of fire as well as light, and they are good in almost every single way, even if they are relatively new. Sephiroth: Sephiroth brings above-average speed along with excellent range, thanks to his long sword. Sadly, falls prey to his fragility and having predictable specials. Ness: If you want a character who has powerful throws, Ness is the one that you should be going for. Not just that, there are also great long-range moves and an easy-to-grasp move set that is a bit hard to master. Snake: Snake makes up for an excellent character if you are looking for someone who is ranged, his hits are also effective. Sadly, he is a bit hard to master, and therefore, requires both time and patience. Ike: Ike is an excellent fighter with some of the most powerful attacks. Not just that, this character is also great in the air. Sadly, he brings his slow speed and weaker defense, but that is about it. Yoshi: Despite his size, Yoshi can make up for an excellent character, especially with aerial skills. The character is also difficult to knock out. Sadly, the grabs that he has are not as effective as some of the other moves. Terry: Terry brings a good list of special moves and can be lethal on the ground when in the hands of the right player. Sadly, he is on the slower side and cannot be airborne with ease. Incineroar: For a new player, Incineroar makes up for a great character that offers a high attack. Sadly, at the same time, he’s slow and brings really poor recovery. Making him less than ideal for everyone. Robin: Robin makes up for a fantastic character in ranged attacks and recovery, as well. Sadly, he is going to run out of projectiles soon if you are not being careful enough, as that can be a problem once it happens. Lucas: In terms of the overall fighting style, Lucas is a lot similar to Ness. The throws are powerful, and the overall speed is good, too. Sadly, there are not many moves to begin with. Corrin: This character is great as she brings a ton of kill options, but sadly, does not deliver a lot of damage, which is what makes them not suitable for everyone who is looking for a different play style. Joker: Anyone who has a good understanding of Super Smash Bros and how things work is going to love Joker as a character with top-of-the-line recovery, as well as great speed. Lucario: The thing that makes Lucario one of the most desirable characters is that its power increases as it takes damages. Not just that, it has some of the strongest projectile attacks but sadly does not have enough speed. King K.Rool: This character is honestly a force to be reckoned with; he brings some of the most powerful attacks and great KO potential. Sadly, he is on the slower side and brings a poor recovery. Mewtwo: The reason Mewtwo is on this list is because of some really good aerial attacks. Otherwise, the character lacks weight and brings in a lower defense than some of the other characters. Fox: For anyone looking for a good character that is good at both starting and finishing the fights, Fox is it. He brings great speed and a good list of attacks but can be a bit hard to master for the newcomers. Cloud: When you are talking about a great limit for speed and combo power, Cloud can help you with that. However, the defense and recovery are on the average side as compared to some of the other characters. Bayonetta: This one excels at combos, and not just that, she is great in the air too. Sadly, she does bring lower kill power, and the recovery is average, too. Bowser: As you may have guessed already, Bowser is one of the slower characters. While he lacks in movement speed, he is an absolute unit when you are talking about hard-hitting special moves, and other powerful moves, in general. Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong brings one of the most devastating attacks in the game in the form of his charged punch. Sadly, he is also slow and does not have as much recovery. So, you will have to be careful when playing him. Shulk: Shulk is one of the better characters as he is an all-rounder, and you are also getting a good play style. However, like some of the other characters, he is hard to master. Richter: Richter is exactly like Simon, with the same stats, as well as the same basic attacks. The only difference here is a different colored holy water. Simon: Simon is known for having great projectile attacks, but the lower speed and recovery. Isabelle: Isabelle is good when you know what to do with the character, but she does have below-average stats that can get her killed. Villager: Villager is a good character to try out as it offers some nice projectiles and decent kill power. However, higher stats are lacking here. Ken: Ken and Ryu are a lot similar, Ken does bring slightly better kill power, but overall, he’s Ryu’s Echo in every other way. Link: Link serves as a decent all-rounder with some nice projectiles, too. Although a bit hard to master, but a great character once you learn all about him.

Tier B

Tier B characters are still great when you play with them, to be honest. Much like other fighting games, it depends on how much time you have spent with a certain character. So, the more you learn, the better you get. Pit: Pit can be best summed up as a balanced character with a defensive special. He is simple to learn, but sadly, does not have anything that makes him stand out. Dark Pit: Dark Pit serves as the pit’s Echo Fighter, which means that the stats are the same. However, he does have some different moves and summons different weapons as well. Samus: Samus is great as she is known for her great projectile attacks, as well as strong overall attacks. Sadly, she is on the slower side, which makes her a bit problematic when it comes to knocking the enemies down. Dark Samus: Again, you are looking at an Echo Fighter, which means the stats are going to be the same. However, Dark Samus does have different movements and does not roll when dodging or jumping. Byleth: Byleth are excellent characters and they do manage to deliver a good amount of damage and have great recovery, too. Sadly, they are marred by slower speed and have moves that can lag out. Minecraft Steve: Minecraft Steve is good in the way that they manage to mine the resources and then use them in the battle. He does have a higher attack power, but sadly, is on the slower and clunky side when it comes to actual gameplay. King Dedede: King Dedede is a lot similar to Kirby, however, on the slower side. He does bring higher stats, but is often slow in his movements and overall attacking. This is the only reason why he is not an S-tier character. Jigglypuff: Imagine Kirby but as a Pokemon. That is Jigglypuff summed up for you. In all honesty, the character does bring great recovery but generally is lower on the other stats, as well. Wario: If you are a player who has a good knowledge of Super Smash Bros, Wario is great as he is good with dealing higher damage. The attacks are powerful, and he makes up for a convenient player. Mii Sword Fighter: Mii Sword Fighter makes up for an excellent character as he does have higher stats when compared to his brethren, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Mii Gunner: Although Mii Gunner makes up for a great character thanks to the projectiles, more often than not, this character is overlooked because of better options. The stats are also above average here. Mii Brawler: Mii Brawler happens to be the best Mii character as it does bring really good kill power and is on the easier side as far as mastering a character is concerned. The stats are low, but in the right hands, this is a great character. Mr. Game And Watch: Mr. Game and Watch started as an average shapeshifting character that you add in a game because you do not know what else to do with them, but in the right hands, this character is a beast. Very hard to master, but the reward is there. Greninja: Another great character we have here is Greninja with great speeds, as well as top-of-the-line aerial moves. The character is not easy to hit and can be played in different ways. Zelda: Zelda is great in many ways, to be honest. Her Final Smash attack is an instant kill for everyone, but sadly, her other attacks don’t do as much Zero Suit Samus: This character is excellent when it comes to mobility and has a great amount of damage as well. Sadly, the recovery is average, and she is also easy to kill in a fight. Sonic: It does not come as a surprise, but Sonic is best known for his speed, with excellent speed and hard to hit, as well. Sure, the moves are on the weaker side, but for mobility, this is a great character. Rosalina And Luma: Rosalina and Luma bring two hitboxes, and while the characters are great aerially, they are useless on their own. Pokemon Trainer: Pokemon Trainer is great in almost every way, thanks to the ability to use Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard. The attacks are generally powerful, but they don’t have much defense. Palutena: Palutena has an easy-to-master move set and some excellent aerial moves, too. Sadly, she struggles to get the higher ground if enemies get too close to her. Wolf: Wolf brings great range and kill options, and the Final Smash move is one of the powerful ones. Sadly, Wolf lacks proper recovery.

Tier C

Tier C characters are not useless and, again, can make or break the game if used properly. They might not be used properly by everyone, but they are excellent. Banjo & Kazooie: Banjo is a fun character to play, and while they do offer above-average stats, this character is best for players who know Super Smash Bros well. Bowser Jr.: Bowser Jr. brings overall lower stats as compared to more seasoned or powerful players, but if you are new to the game and want to learn the game, this is a good character to start with. Diddy Kong: If you are looking for a good character that is lightweight and has good movement, Diddy Kong is the way to go. The recovery speed is average, and the stats are mediocre, though. Min Min: Min Min serves as one of the better characters in terms of range and offers outstanding kill power as well. Sadly, she is below average when you are talking about good recovery options. Kirby: Kirby, despite being a fan favorite, lacks in a lot of areas. For starters, the recovery of this character is incredible. Captain Falcon: Captain Falcon is a good character overall, he is hard-hitting, but he lacks the finesse, and his combos are not easy to master either. Dropping him low on the tier list. Sheik: If you are looking for a character with excellent moving speeds, Sheik is the one to go for. Sadly, she lacks the killing power and does have a lower weight. Piranha Plant: Piranha Plant makes up for an interesting character as it does bring some really strong attacks, but at the same time, is on the slower side, and landing all the moves can be difficult. Pac-Man: Pac-Man happens to be a fun character that does bring some unique attacks and good combos as well. He does happen to be on the slower side, which makes him struggle against faster characters. Meta Knight: Meta Knight is great when you are talking about speeds and can even perform five mid-air jumps. However, he is on the lighter side of the weight and does not perform that well overall. Dr. Mario: Dr. Mario brings average stats, low speed, and low recovery on the table, and that is why he has not been that good overall. Luigi: Luigi is considered the better option than Mario or Dr. Mario, thanks to good grabs, but overall, has lower speed and average stats. Mario: Mario offers great recovery and happens to be a great character for all the newcomers. He does lack the killing power, but other than that, he’s good. Duck Hunt Duo: Duck Hunt Duo is excellent when you are talking about long-range combat and good recovery. Sadly, there are not a lot of KO options, and the character is difficult to master. Ice Climbers: Ice Climbers offer middling status, and they are not good at recovery, either. Making them low-tier characters in most situations.

Tier D

We have finally moved towards the tier D of characters in Super Smash, and apparently, the list is much smaller, with only two characters in the list. Still, we are going to tell you what is wrong with these characters, so you can make your decision properly. Ganondorf: Although Ganondorf is a good character that does offer higher attack and kill power. Sadly, the character is held back by the terrible defense, and poor recovery. Little Mac: If you are a new player in the Smash Bros, then Little Mac makes up for an interesting character with average speed and attack. However, he has one of the worst recoveries in the game. However, Smash does a great job at differentiating them, and that is what makes this game one of the most versatile fighting games. Still, this is the reason why it becomes so difficult to find some characters that are not suitable for everyone. The purpose of this list is to help people find the best possible characters so there are no issues that could come in the way. If you are looking to have the best experience with the characters, we would suggest that you mix and match as that is going to ultimately help you in making the most of the situation. Rest assured, the more you practice, the better you are going to become with the characters that you have decided to go with.

#1 – Is Sephiroth top tier?

No, Sephiroth is not top tier at the moment. However, this tier list does put him in the A tier, which is a great way to get started in any game. The character is good in almost every aspect, and if you know how to play with him, you would be good to go.

#2 – Who is S tier in Smash Ultimate?

The S tier in Smash Ultimate is filled with some great characters like Lucina, Pikachu, Peach, Falco, Ryu, and more characters. All of these characters are great when you are talking about joining the game and having good powers.

#3 – Who is A tier in Smash Ultimate?

The A tier is perhaps the biggest in the Smash Bros, with characters such as Snake, Yoshi, Sephiroth, Terry, Robin, Joker, Bayonette, and more. A tier is considered to be one of the most accessible tiers, thanks to the variety of characters available.

#4 – Who is the best character in Smash Ultimate?

This is a difficult question to answer because every character in Smash Ultimate is different from the other, which makes it hard to choose the best character. Everyone has a different playstyle as well, and according to that playstyle, they pick their favorite character.

#5 – What tier is Joker?

Joker is one of the characters that has managed to see different tier lists. However, over the past couple of months, this character is either found in the S tier or the A tier. This is great since the character is really good overall.

#6 – What is the official Smash Ultimate tier list?

Tier lists are almost all the time made by people who excel at the game and have been playing it for years or for extended times. There are no official tier lists made by the game developers.

#7 – Is Joker better than Hero?

That depends on the playstyle. Hero is a great character with one-hit KO moves and great kill power, but Joker makes up for an excellent character with great recovery and speed, so it is a tie between both characters.

#8 – Who is Joker’s best matchup?

Joker has very few characters that he cannot match up with properly. If you genuinely want to play with Joker, matching up is going to be convenient.

#9 – Who is the weakest character in Smash Ultimate?

When looking at the characters in Smash Ultimate, you will come to realize that every single character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach in this game, so finding the weakest character is not the easiest.

#10 – Why is Kirby so bad?

The reason why Kirby is considered as one of the low tier characters is that despite having a great recovery, the character has one of the worst stats that you can find in a fighting game. Making it unviable in most situations as a good character.

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