This practice is so widespread that even if scrap bronze, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel prices have been the same for the past months, many people still frequent junkyards to sell the scrap metals they’ve collected.  If you want to sell scraps to earn extra cash, know that there are different ways of doing it, and the first step is to know what types of metal you have and where you can sell them.  Consider the following scrap metal-earning ideas to jumpstart your plans:

Segregate Your Scraps 

To get the most out of your metals, you need to separate them before bringing them to a Toronto scrap yard. Otherwise, you will only get the lowest price for them.  Suppose you bring a bin full of brass, copper, and aluminum. In that case, the junkyard owner can pay you the cost of the least expensive metal. The best thing to do is segregate these metals and get paid accordingly. The rarer the metals you bring, the more profit you can reap. 

Collect Aluminum Cans 

Start collecting aluminum cans at home and from co-workers, friends, and family members who consume a lot of canned drinks. These cans are not worth a lot of money, so you’ll need a lot of cans to make going back and forth to the recycling center worthwhile. Collect more cans from other sources like your workplace, cafeteria, and other establishments before your trip to the junkyard. 

Consider Recycling Non-Ferrous and Ferrous Metals

You can also earn money from recycled non-ferrous metals like copper. This may be the only choice you have if you can legally access unwanted wiring, copper tubing, and other non-ferrous metals.  Aside from non-ferrous metals, you can also earn money from recycled ferrous metals. You can collect items like large metal parts or old barbecue grills. You can also recycle your old lawnmower and other metal items.  If you choose to go down this way, you must dedicate time to collecting things for which the junkyard would pay a reasonable price. You also need to ensure that you’ve emptied your scrap of gasoline and other flammable fluids.

Gather Old, Recyclable Appliances

You can also get a decent amount of money by gathering and recycling your old appliances. If you can’t find one at home, you can check out the curbsides for free old appliances. All you have to do is to lug them to the junkyard.  If you want to get more money out of these appliances, you can consider fixing them before reselling them. This option may demand more effort, but it will also pay more. If you want to make this a successful side hustle, you might want to consider learning about appliance repair.

Recycle, Earn, and Save the Planet  

The good thing about bringing all the recyclable metals to the junkyard is you get to earn while also lessening the amount of carbon footprint released into the atmosphere. One ton of metal scraps saves 4.3 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).  These scraps can also limit environmental damages like eutrophication, summer smog, and water acidification. With all these benefits, you can say that recycling scrap metals and bringing them to the junkyard is the best way to go. 


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