According to the experts, it was all because of the selling pressure occurring in the market. In addition, there were ongoing concerns from the omicron variant of coronavirus and the increasing inflation through the Federal Reserve. Also, the Federal reserve was believed to bring about a new regulation that would control the movement of crypto currency’s limits in the brokers. Therefore, it is very uncertain about the reason behind the sale but, it triggered about $1 billion worth sell-off of cryptocurrencies across different crypto markets of the world. The recent sudden sell-off in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies came because of a severe stock market decline. In the United States of America, the stock market was experiencing a downfall, and therefore, the selling pressure also occurred on cryptocurrencies. However, the main reason behind the decrease in the stock market values was the recent discovery of the omicron virus. However, the government has made sure that it will take some severe actions to control any adverse effect of this new virus on the global stock market. Also, there has been a lot of chatter that is going on in the Federal Reserve. It is believed that the Federal Reserve can use the tapering strategy to curb down the bitcoin or cryptocurrency bubble. It is a strategy used to slow down the price fluctuations or the widespread popularity of any asset existing in the global market. Now, it is targeting cryptocurrencies and therefore, to do so, the Federal Reserve will make a large-scale asset purchase so that the prices can be brought under control. Even after the decline in the prices, the cryptocurrencies were also rising for a few days. The bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies were also recovering from their prices. Even though the recovery levels were still mild, a sudden decline could have shocked the cryptocurrency investors, which is not precisely the case now. Some experts suggest that purchasing the dip could be a good time to invest in cryptocurrencies, which are domestic and essential to pay attention to the quality. Quality is a more important factor than quantity for someone who will make a long-term investment. It is also crucial to note that the recent price dip in the bitcoin recovered faster than it has ever done before. According to the report, the recovery after the pandemic just took about six months, and the second wave recovery took about two months. This time, the recovery begins after one month, and this is undoubtedly a short time duration compared to the earlier situation. Bitcoin is primarily the most important cryptocurrency, but another crypto is also experiencing. Some smaller cryptocurrencies like ETH, BNB and SOL experience double-digit percentage increase on bitql app within just a few hours. People investing in cryptocurrencies for the short-term and medium-term should consider it an incredible time to accumulate crypto assets. Accumulating and investing your money about 5% of your total portfolio into cryptocurrencies is an excellent strategy to go with. However, for the ones who are long-term investors for cryptocurrencies, purchasing and keeping them for a longer duration is the best thing. Expecting such a small swing in the prices of these internet-based crypto coins is just a daily thing for investors. However, if the major global players like the United States of America in India provide supporting statements towards the coins, there could be a positive movement in the market.


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