The incident has brought Twitter to court. The issue is on trial. Hence, read our article further if you wish to know more about the incident and its history. I am sure you would find it exciting and quite thoughtful. Write your feedback in the comments below.

Satan-Worshipping Conspiracy on Twitter

The news is quite popular, and doing around as a small Dutch town took Twitter to court. They demanded that the social media platform take down all the messages about the Satan-worshipping pedophiles in town during the 1980s. The town is named Bodegraven-Reeuwijk, situated in the middle of the Netherlands, with 35000 inhabitants. They have been under the lens of conspiracy theories on social media since 2020. Three men started spreading stories about the heinous crime that happened to the children in the 1980s. The main person who instigated the stories said he has vivid memories of seeing children being abused by natives of the town. The stories made quite a stir among the people in the town. Many people herded to the local graveyard to spread down flowers and written messages at the children’s graves believed dead due to the satanic ring. Also read, What is Chirpty Twitter Circle & How to Use It?

Hence, the court ordered the men who had cocked up the stories or any related content to be removed from their Twitter handle. But the stories regarding the gruesome killing of the town still echo. Hence, the natives have taken the matter to Twitter itself. The Lawyer dealing with the case interviewed the local newspaper about the conspiracy theories; and said if the stories are not removed from Twitter, then the platform has to take action against it. In July, the inhabitants of the town themselves requested Twitter to find and delete all the stories related to the incident, but as of now, they have not received any answer from the platform. The men circulating the stories are behind bars now as they are tried in different courts for instigation and making death threats to former health minister Hugo de Jonge and Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Also read, How to Use Twitter Circle | Get The New Roll-Out Feature on Twitter

Wrapping Up

The Satan-worshipping conspiracy on Twitter has become quite popular, and people are berserk. The issue has also created a stir among the town’s people. I hope the article helped to satiate your curiosity regarding the incident and the speculated incidents. We have more exciting news on our website; you can subscribe to get your dose.


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