Supercell has always been good at keeping us on our toes with big hits, whether you play Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. Making an explosive comeback this Christmas season, Santa’s Surprise is the rage right now.  So let’s read on to know more about what this new exciting element has in store for us. Don’t forget to comment about your experience with COC Christmases!

What is the Santa’s Surprise in Clash of Clans?

The Santa’s Surprise is a destructive Clash of Clans Spell. When used, it causes a hog-pulled “Santa” to drop down explosive presents in a certain area.  It’s basically a much more effective Lightning Spell with a bigger damage radius of 1 tile but much less accuracy. In 2022, along with the increased damage of Santa’s Surprise Spell, Clash of Clans has also decreased its randomnesses to make the Spell more steadfast. Also, read 10 Best Games Like Clash Of Clans: Android, iOS, Pc (2022) | Clash Of Clans Alternative Games

When Does Santa’s Surprise in Clash of Clans Come Out | Release Date

The Santa’s Surprise Spell makes an Annual Appearance every Christmas. Last year, it was released on 24th December and was available till the 31st. 

What Does Santa’s Surprise in Clash of Clans Do | Santa’s Surprise Offensive Strategy

A Santa’s Surprise spell functions similarly to the Lightning Spell as it does large damage in a large area. It’s important to note that it does more damage than two Lightning Spells at a level.  Santa’s Surprise spell is generally used to destroy complex defenses. It takes two Santa’s Surprise spells to destroy a mortar or a wizard tower and three spells to destroy an air defense! Fans love it because this spell weakens defenses so that other things can finish them off. This might be able to destroy defenses that can’t normally be shot in one, such as an Inferno Tower. Also, read How To Get Free Gems In Clash Royale | 5 Ways and Tricks Here are the characteristics of Santa’s Surprise spell:

Radius: 1 tile Random radius: 4 tiles Brew Time: 6 minutes Number of strikes: 5 Housing space: 2

Note: Santa’s Surprise Spell has an extra level 11 for Town Hall 15 players this year.  Also, read Clash Royale | Play Clash Royale Online On Browser For Free

Can Santa’s Surprise be Donated to Clan Castles?

No. Santa’s Surprise Spell can’t be donated to Clan Castles because it is temporary.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know everything you need about Santa’s Surprise in Clash of Clans, we bet Christmas will be extra merry this year. Use as many as you can and sleigh the battles! Merry Christmas!


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