Televisions are a great source of entertainment, and we can not skip a day without watching our favorite shows on it. There can be multiple issues as to why your Samsung Tv Won’t turn on and blinking red light. It could specify either the hardware issue or some glitches in the software part. It might look like a debacle if your television is not working. It could easily ruin your mood and make things uneasy. In this article, I will teach you why your Samsung TV won’t turn on, why it is blinking red light, and how you can fix it.

Why is Your Samsung TV Won’t Turn on? 

There can be a multitude of reasons for your Samsung TV won’t turn on. It could be any reason, either related to hardware or software. Here we will discuss the most probable causes for your Samsung TV won’t turn on. 

1. Hardware Fault

If a dark screen shows on your television display, hardware components might be faulty. It can happen due to dropping or sloshing by the water, which can turn it into a fault that will not let you turn on your Samsung TV.  Also, read Is Samsung S9 5G Compatible? 2022 Updates Are Here

2. Software Glitches

If the power supply gets cut off while performing or installing a software update on your Samsung TV, then it could be the software glitch that is hampering your television from connecting.

3. Power Supply Failure

If your Samsung TV is blinking red light and won’t turn on, then the main wrongdoer could be the power supply in your premises. It is the most common cause of your TV not turning on.

4. HDMI port defect

If you are a gaming freak and own a PlayStation or Xbox, then it might be connected to your Samsung TV. Sometimes you just forget to switch back the HDMI input. This can cause TV source input to show the defect. Which in turn can stop the TV from turning on.

How to Fix Samsung TV Won’t Turn On (Blinking Red light)?

Earlier, we discussed the main causes of why Samsung TV won’t turn On, and to resolve this, we will discuss some fixes that could help you connect to your television set. In a few cases, a blinking light may appear on the TV, which we can fix by making some tweaks. Also, read Samsung S23 Leaks and Rumors | Don’t Missout on Anything

1. Restart your Television

When your TV shows a blinking red light, you can fix it by doing a small hack. You can simply turn off your television and restart it. In most cases, it works out very effectively. The red light blinks for various other reasons. If you are watching the television for the entire day. The Internal Circuit might heat up and stop being turned on your television. You should let it cool and switch it on after some time. 

2. Power Reset

If restarting your television doesn’t fix your problem, then Power Reset can be another solution to fix your problem. To work out this method, you need to bulge the power cable from the television set and keep it disconnected from the TV for about 30 minutes. Now, after a span of 30 minutes, plug in your power cable and press the power button of your TV simultaneously for about 20 seconds. This method of Power Reset will automatically fix your problem. If the problem still persists, then move on to another fix. Also, read Experience The New Samsung One UI 5 Beta | Enjoy Latest Beta Program

3. Update the Firmware

If you have an old Samsung Television model, it may be possible that your television’s firmware is not up to date. That is one reason the red light blinks on your television screen. If you want your Samsung television to work ideally, Update the Firmware on your Samsung Television to ignore all the software-related issues that are causing the red blinking screen on your television. 

4. Problems with the Power Supply

One of the unknown reasons why red light appears on your Samsung Television could be the shortage of Power Supply. Sometimes, you dont get enough input power supply which directly leads to fluctuation in the power supply, which results in your Samsung TV Won’t Turn On (Blinking Red light). Also, read How to Fix Samsung Remote Not Working Issue | 7 Easy Fixes To avoid this issue, You need to install a surge protector on your connection. It should be worth noting that the surge protector can not be directly connected to the power outlet. It is way better than connecting it on a secondary basis.

5. HDMI glitches

This can be another reason for the Samsung TV Won’t Turn On and Blinking Red Light on the screen. To avoid this issue, just follow the simple steps-

You can disconnect the HDMI cable and reconnect it again.You can use a new HDMI cable. It is because your old HDMI cable could be damaged. So, buying a new cable could help you fix your Samsung TV won’t turn On(Blinking Red light).You have connected with the game console and forgotten to switch back to the HDMI port. This is quite simple to resolve, and you just need to reconnect to your gaming console and then just swap to the HDMI source. It will definitely help to resolve your issue concerning HDMI ports.

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6. Call for the Technical Assistance 

If the problem still persists after implementing all of the aforementioned fixes. Then, you should call for technical assistance. Help from a professional person can help to find the root cause of the problem, and he can work on it as per the problem. Before calling out for technical assistance, make sure to follow all the fixes; otherwise, you have to spend some bucks to fix your Samsung TV.

Wrapping Up 

It is not possible for your television to go down without any internal or external fault. Eventually, it is an electronic device that can get stuck for any number of unknown reasons. I hope you have understood the fixes for the problem Samsung TV Won’t Turn On(Blinking Red light). Comment below if any of our fixes help you resolve your problem, and let us know if the problem is still bothering you by implementing all of the above fixes. 


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