Samsung is planning to expand this TV Plus access to other markets as well. The South Korean tech giant provides it to the cities that include Mexico, Sweden, India, and some other European countries. This Samsung TV Plus video streaming app is completely free on its various TVs and all the Galaxy Devices.  It will contain all the free content for the company’s smart TVs that will be coming in 2021. It is currently partnered with around 300 broadcast networks, all the live content is available on it, on-demand TV is also available. It will contain all the movies, shows, news, cooking shows, music, sports, and the list goes on. All the content platforms and digital creators are there providing content to over 60 million users of Samsung Smart TVs. 

Launching of the Samsung TV Plus 

The service was made available in the year 2015 and came pre-installed in all the Samsung smart TVs till 2016. It came up with 740 channels worldwide. Since India’s market is also expanding in the coming years so Samsung TV Plus will come up in the bundle of Smart TVs in the year 2021. The existing users can use it by getting an OTA. There are also rumors about whether it will provide to its galaxy users or not. But it is pre-installed in all the galaxy devices like the S20 series and the Note 20 series in the US they have to just download the app from the google play store or the galaxy store. So we can expect it will be available for the various smartphone devices here as well. Also, read Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro The services available for the various smartphones include Galaxy S9, S10, S20, Note 9, Note 10, Note 20, Fold, Z Flip, Xcover, A51, and A71, and in all the upcoming smartphones in the year 2021.  India is becoming a breeding ground for all the OTT streaming services in its expansion. This also comes under one of the top Smart TV market expansions.  While now we can’t say directly whether it will compete with other streaming services like Netflix, amazon prime, sony liv, Disney plus Hotstar, and others. We can also guess that the company is just providing it as a complimentary service to all the Samsung smart TVs buyers to make them excited to buy it.  

Launch Date of Samsung TV Plus

There are no specific details about the launch date and there is no confirmation about it till now. But it will be a free streaming service totally based on ad-supported content like all other free streaming services.  Although Smart TVs are in great demand in the market and TVs have become a great source of entertainment as the source of news providers to all the people over there. Smart TVs have become a source of news to on-demand streaming partners. Vice president of the display business at Samsung electronics also says that it will be a great home premium destination all over the world for smart TV  viewers. It will surely expand its business into the markets, says Seline Sangsook Han, Vice President at Samsung electronics. 

The channels included in Samsung TV Plus  in the US

Et livePeopleTVNickPluto TVCBSNABC News LiveCheddarUSA TodayShows included in Samsung TV Plus in the USKitchen NightmaresBaywatchWipeout Xtra.

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