Considering, the company recently released its two new smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the launch of an altogether new smartphone sounds a little untrue. But the rumors have it that there are massive leaks regarding the new Samsung Galaxy S21.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date

Samsung is known to release its smartphones or other devices in the beginning of the year. It is unsure as to when the smartphone will be launch but you can expect it around February 2021. Also, read Vivo X60 Series Launched: Prices, Release Date and Specifications The exact launch date of the smartphone is not known but we that Samsung usually releases its phone at the usual February event. According to OnLeaks, the Samsung Galaxy S21 launch date will be January 2021. Other rumors claim that the company will launch the smartphones at the end of December 2020. All these speculations lead to no proper conclusion. We can just expect the Samsung Galaxy S21 to launch in early 2021. We have also heard another rumor regarding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 devices, that says the launch will happen somewhere around January 14, 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Price

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series will have three devices in it, the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra. The previous devices from the S series didn’t have a cheaper version of the phone and the cheapest Galaxy S20 was $999. With this, we can expect that the new smartphone will also be a little expensive. Still, hoping to get an affordable device in the series. It is presumed that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be around $999/ £899/ AU$ 1,499 The Galaxy S21 Plus can be expected to cost $200 more and the Galaxy S21 Ultra $200 more than that. Also, read Upcoming Samsung Phones in 2021 with 5G Support

Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S30?

We all know what happened when the Samsung Galaxy S20 was launched. We were expecting the device would be called Galaxy S11, but the company took a leap by changing the of the entire series. The device which was supposed to be called Galaxy S11 came out as the Samsung Galaxy S20. The exact logic behind the change is still unknown. Either the company wanted to take a 10 leap while naming the devices or they wanted to match the ongoing year. With this dilemma, we are unsure whether the new device will be called Samsung Galaxy S21 or Samsung Galaxy S30. As the launch is getting closer, we are expecting more leaks and insides about the upcoming devices.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Specification

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Design

The new Samsung Galaxy S21 is said to be very similar to the previous device of the same series, the Samsung Galaxy S20. According to some sources, the camera of the Galaxy S21 is vertical that is very similar to the recently launched Galaxy S20 series. Apart from the camera the front display of the phone is very different. The new Galaxy S21 has a curved display whereas the Galaxy S20 has a flat display. Ice Universe has leaked rough dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S21, 151.7 x 71.2 x 7.9 mm that also includes the 9.0 mm camera bump. These dimensions are also very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20. Other than this, the smartphone is expected to be slim and exquisite in looks and sleek to hold. It is known that Samsung was planning to create a “Perfect full-screen phone” design and it may be the final time when the company is assuredly ready to bring forward its new creation with the Samsung Galaxy S21. We, definitely have very high hopes from this phone and looking forward to more leaks to bring them out for you. Also, read Samsung Galaxy S21 Recent Updates: Prices and More

What are be expecting from the Galaxy S21?

If you willing to spend a huge amount of money for the new Galaxy S21, there are probably many things that you might be expecting from the smartphone. Here is small list of things and feature we are expecting from the phone.

A reasonable Price100 x zoom across the rangeIn screen cameraSimilar Chipset everywhereA new look

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