The Samsung Galaxy S series has been on the list of the best smartphones since many years. We can expect the same from the new and upcoming smartphone. The predecessors of the Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus were a huge success. They are still considered to be in the list of top 10 best smartphones. All this speculations adds to our excitement even more.  Recently many things about the Samsung Galaxy S21 were leaked including the specs, design, features, expected prices and many more. All the rumors and leaked have contributed a lot in hyping up the new smartphones.  We have gathered all the information about the upcoming smartphone that you need to know.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date and Price

According to the Samsung launching schedule, the company launches a new Galaxy S model every year. Taking in consideration the last few launches, the company announces the phones in February and then launches them in March. Initially we were expecting the same for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Also, read Released and Upcoming Samsung 5G Phones 2021 But it seems that the company might be launching the new smartphones a little early this time. Back around a month, there were rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will launch on January 14, 2021. There might be a ceratin amount of truth in these rumors. The official store of Samung in India claimed that the phones will be announced on 14 January, 2021.  The company also claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will go on a sale on January 29.  So, we can expect that the smartphones will be probably available by 22 January, 2021.  Just like the launch date of the Samsung Galaxy S21, the price of the phone also had a fair share of speculations and rumors.  There are three variants that the company is launching in the Galaxy S series. Some reputed leaks claim that the S21 will be by far the most expensive device. However, some other sources revealed that the Galaxy S21 will be cheaper than the old smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S20.   The Samsung Galaxy S21 is expected to be priced at $849/ €849. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus will come in two categories, for 128GB the device will be priced at $1,049/ €1,049 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 256GB will be priced at €1,099.  The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to be priced at $1,249/ €1,399. As of now, we are not ceratin about the actual prices of the smartphones. Until the launch of the smartphones we will haveto wait forthe company to make some official statement.  Also, read Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Chromebook | 6 Rounds of Battle

Samsung Galaxy S21 Design

Very recently videos of all the three variants of the Galaxy S21 series were leaked. The leaked video gathered a lot of audience. The videos also created huge hype for the design and looks of the phone. The dual colored back of the device was very anticipated as well as appreciated.  The new devices have a few similarities with the previous device. In the leaked video, you can properly and very clearly see that the Samsung Galaxy S21 and S 21 Plus have a flat screen which matches the previous phones of the same series.  Although the smartphones looked very classy and decent but there was one thing that was found missing. There was a lot of anticipation for the S Pen along with the new devices, but we didn’t saw any sign of the S Pen Stylus in the leaked videos. This might be the only disappointing thing in the new S21.  However. We can expect the S Pen Stylus to be in the S21 Ultra model.  

Samsung Galaxy S21 Color Options

The new devices are coming with a variety of different color options. Ishan Agarwal, a very reliable tipster, twitted on his official Twitter account @inshanagarwal24 the different colors that will be available for the Galaxy S21. Samsung S21: Photom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Grey, and Phantom White Samsung S21 Plus: Phantom Silver, Phantom Black and Phantom Violet Samsung S21 Ultra: Phantom Black and Phantom Silver


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