These fast-paced videos are going to warm your heart. The Run Boy Run TikTok trend feels like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a chilly winter night. No, I’m not exaggerating! You’ll have to see the trend yourself to believe me. In this article, I will tell you all about the Run Boy Run Trend on TikTok. From what the trend is about to how you can perform it. So, read till the end to know all about the Run Boy Run TikTok Trend.

What is Run Boy Run Trend on TikTok?

Run Boy Run is the latest trend taking over TikTok. You must have seen or heard about the videos..unless you’re living under a rock! Well, in that case, I got your back! Let’s have a look at the Run Boy Run TikTok trend. The Run Boy Run trend includes a fast-paced montage of heartwarming and aesthetic pictures and videos where your loved ones compare you to a certain thing. Let me explain more easily! The Video starts with a banner of “If I were a….” The space is filled with color, flower, a scent, and much more. You can give your partner a list of things to assign you. “If I were a flower, a scent, a place, a color.” Now, your partner has to assign you one thing for each of these. For instance, your loved one can assign you a particular flower, say a rose, then in the video, you can include aesthetic pictures of a rose.
A TikTok user, wright_archie, made a video where he compared his girlfriend to “Color: Pastel Green, Planet: Saturn, Smell: Honey, A Place: Home, Time of the Day: 3 AM, City: Kyoto, A flower: Lilies, A Flavor: Coffee, A Fruit: Pomegranate, A Hobby: Reading, A Song: Until I Found You, An Animal: Snow Leopard, A Season: Winter, A Holiday: Christmas, An Emotion: Love”

Song Used in the ‘Run Boy Run’ Trend on TikTok

The name of the Run Boy Run TikTok Trend is based on a song with the same name. Run Boy Run is a famous song by Woodkid. The song was a part of the singer’s debut album, The Golden Age, released in 2012. The music video for Run Boy Run was also nominated for Best Short Form Music Video at Grammy. The song has been fairly famous amongst music lovers and has been used in TV Series like Teen Wolf, 13 Reasons Why, The Umbrella Academy, Reign, Doctor Who, and much more. It was also featured in the movie Divergent.

How to Do The Run Boy Run TikTok Challenge?

Loved the Run Boy Run TikTok Videos? Want to make one for yourself but don’t know how to start? Well, let me help you with it! A TikTok user Anarvra came to everyone’s rescue with a tutorial. The Run Boy Run tutorial helps you understand the process of creating a video montage step by step. So, let’s see how to do the Run Boy Run TikTok Challenge:

  1. Download the Run by Run challenge video on your device.
  2. Now, using the Capcut app, extract the audio from the video.
  3. Add a 3-second video of yourself with “If I was a..” text edited on it, in the beginning.
  4. Gather 24 pictures for each category you have decided on and join them. NOTE: Keep each image for each category for 0.1 seconds. The 15th photo for each category should be kept for 0.4 seconds. Also, add a 0.9 second blank color image at the end of each category.
  5. Now, name each category by adding a text overlay. Once you’ve done all the above steps, save the video and share it on TikTok. Don’t forget to add the ‘Run Boy Run’ song to it. Also, don’t forget to add the necessary hashtags to increase the reach of your video.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to wrap up! This was all about the Run Boy Run Trend on TikTok. If you are in a relationship, then you must try this challenge. And if you’re single, like me, then you can cry watching these videos. (sobs in the corner) I hope you liked this article. For more such content, keep visiting Path of EX!


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