Most of the market requirement for graphic cards is being fulfilled by two companies. But one company is performing well then, the other in terms of user demand. This company is Nvidia. It has released two masterpieces. One was released at the end of the previous year and one in the current one. I will be talking about both in detail. The first one I will be talking about is the RTX 3060 Ti. It was released on 2nd December 2020. The other one is the RTX 3060, which was released in early 2021. On 25th February 2021, RTX 3060 was released worldwide. The sales for both these graphics have been astonishing. These bought a revolutionary change on the market. Let us dive deeper into the RTX 3060 vs 3060 Ti.

RTX 3060 vs RTX 3060 Ti: Technical Specifications

It has been a tradition in the NVIDIA series release. First, the base graphics card like RTX 2080 is released then the Ti and SUPER versions are released. These perform better than the base card. But in this case, RTX 3060 Ti was released earlier than RTX 3060 (the base card). From a technical perspective, both these graphics cards are some of the best released by NVIDIA. With 4864 CUDA cores, the RTX 3060 Ti takes the lead. The RTX 3060 contains 3584 CUDA cores. Whereas the Titanium version of 3060 contains 4864 such cores. With all these cores, the core clock performance that we get for RTX 3060 is 1320 MHz. But 3060 Ti succeeds it with a core clock of 1410 MHz. On overclocking, the RTX 3060 Ti provides a boost clock of 1670 MHz. Compared to 3060, with a boost clock of 1780 MHz, the 3060 Ti seems a non-friendly overclocking GPU. The 3060 vs 3060 Ti is a very close comparison among the two mid to high-end GPUs. Recommended comparison:

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RTX 3060 Vs RTX 3060 Ti: The Difference

I will be looking into the specification of RTX 3060 vs 3060 Ti in their base version. I won’t be considering the changes made by companies like GIGABYTE, MSI, etc. Both these GPUs are the best in their classes. The normal RTX 3060 Ti contains more CUDA cores, thus providing better performance than 3060. But the overclocking results are different. RTX 3060 surpasses RTX 3060 Ti when overclocked even with fewer cores. Even though both the RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti contain the same 8nm process by Samsung. But the transistor amount is still more in the 3060 Ti. One new feature that the high-end graphic cards nowadays provide is the Ray Tracing feature. This improves the detailing of image rendering a lot. Thus, graphic cards nowadays contain specific cores for performing this function. If you are talking about better ray tracing, then RTX 3060 Ti provides more RT cores than the 3060. Also, a set of cores that work on improving the AI experience in the GPUs are the tensor cores. In this context, the RTX 3060 Ti provides better performance. Now, talking about the power requirement for both these GPUs. The RTX 3060 Ti consumes more power than the standard 3060.

RTX 3060 Vs RTX 3060 Ti: Cooling And Performance

The architecture of 3060 Vs 3060 Ti is an Ampere architecture. Nowadays, high-end graphics are considered the top-of-line if they contain this architecture. This provides the graphics card with a better performance boost. In this architecture, most of the graphic cards contain multiple cooling slots. The NVIDIA’s 3060 series provides around two to three fans which boost its performance by leaps and bounds. The performance of a graphic card depends a lot on its cooling system. The cooler the graphic card is at peak performance. The more stable it is, the better the performance it will provide. The performance does not only depend on the cooling mechanism of the GPU. There are a lot of things on which the performance matters. The amount of CUDA cores, RT cores, Tensor cores are also some of the points on which the performance depends. The more these cores are, the better the GPU will perform. Other things like the transfer rates of the memory and the number of transistors also follow the same principle. The core clock speeds for RTX 3060 Ti are more than standard 3060, which makes it a better performer. But 3060 beats 3060 Ti in the boost clock speeds or speeds after overclocking.

RTX 3060 Vs RTX 3060 Ti: Ports And Memory

One important component of any graphics processing unit (GPU) is the number of ports that it supports. These ports are the gateway to connect the GPU with the motherboard or the monitor. The type of ports talks about the transfer rates between the GPU and the CPU. The more the transfer rates, the better the results of the GPU will be. RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti have the same set of ports. They contain one HDMI 2.1 port with three 1.4a Display connectors. These display and HDMI ports are of the latest version, thus providing the best speeds possible up to date. These ports are mainly for displaying, but another big feature that most high-end GPUs have nowadays is the memory. The RTX 3060 contains a 12 GB GDDR6 with a 192-bit bus width. In this context, RTX 3060 beats 3060 Ti. On the other hand, RTX 3060 Ti supports an 8GB GDDR6 with 256-bit bus width. The specifications of 3060 Ti provide it with a bandwidth of 448 GB/s. This transfer rate is a lot higher than RTX 3060. 3060 provides 360 GB/s of transfer rate. Once again, 3060 beats 3060 Ti in memory clocks. Due to more VRAM, the memory clock for 3060 is 15Gbps, whereas the memory clock for 3060 Ti is 14Gbps. Testing Setup: Now let us investigate some benchmark results in detail. We will be looking into the graphics’ overall performance at 1080p and 4k Ultra resolutions for 3060 vs 3060 Ti. Based on these results, we can finally make a statement about which graphics card is the better choice. The setups I will be using for the testing contain the processor Ryzen 9 5900X AMD. The RAM is two sticks of the 16GB DDR4 with a transfer rate of 3600MHz from G. Skill’s Trident Z series. The SSD is a 1 TB-M.2 NVMe from Samsung. The complete name is Samsung 970 EVO Plus.

RTX 3060 Vs RTX 3060 Ti: Gaming Benchmarks

At A Glance Look At The Winner Of Each Benchmark Result: 1080p Benchmarks: 4K Benchmarks:

1- Cyberpunk 2077 (1080p Ultra)

The first game on the list to benchmark is Cyberpunk 2077. This game is one of the most graphic requiring games. It requires a high-end processor and GPU to run at the best performance. Now let’s look into the benchmark results of the game at Ultra in-game settings. The resolution will be 1080p for the RTX 3060 vs 3060 Ti. On the RTX 3060, I got a max of 70 FPS, whereas the least they drop to is 35 FPS. The 3060 Ti provides around 82 FPS at max. It, at minimum, drops down to 40 FPS.

2- Red Dead Redemption 2 (1080p Ultra)

The next one which is to be benchmarked is the Red Redemption 2. This is a story-based shooter game that has been ruling the market for several years. The graphic requirements for this game are extremely high. Also, high processing power is needed for better gameplay. Therefore, we have the best processor and GPU for testing. On the RTX 3060, the game runs on 76 FPS with 1080p resolution and ultra in-game settings. The least they can touch to is 35 FPS. On the contrary, the RTX 3060 Ti provides 88 FPS at max, with the lowest around 42 FPS.

3- Doom Eternal (1080p Ultra)

This game has been in the market for quite some time and has gained a lot of popularity. Running this game at high stable FPS is hard. Due to high movement speeds most, GPUs might not be able to keep up with it. This is not the case for the RTX 3060 vs 3060 Ti. Now benchmarking the 3060 on 1080p resolution and fully maxed out game settings, I got an average of 235 FPS. The lowest these FPS can drop to is 137. The RTX 3060 Ti brings out 255 FPS on average and at least 145 FPS.

4- Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (1080p Ultra)

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest game released in the Assassin’s Creed series. This game is one of the best story games in the market. This game can be enjoyed only at its full potential. So, running it at the Ultra game settings and a 1080p resolution is a good choice. Benchmarking it with the RTX 3060 will be the first step. An average of 77 FPS and the lowest of 36 FPS is the results. The next step is to benchmark it with RTX 3060 Ti. 87 FPS at average and at least 42 FPS are the results of this benchmark.

5- Horizon Zero Dawn (1080p Ultra)

It is a worldwide popular story game. It is extremely unique. It has been in the top positions of the most selling games. This game is graphically demanding, so a high-end GPU might be required to run it at full capacity. Let us benchmark this game at 1080p quality and ultra-high in-game settings for 3060 vs 3060 Ti. First, using the RTX 3060, I got an average of 92 FPS, with the lowest reaching about 45 FPS. Moving on to the RTX 3060 Ti, it delivered an average of 105 FPS. The lowest they reach is 50 FPS.

1- Cyberpunk 2077 (4k Ultra)

As we have seen before, the results of the benchmark for the 1080p Ultra graphics. Now we will be looking into Cyberpunk 2077 at a much better resolution. This game is a doozy at 4k resolution with ray tracing On. The visual effects are stunning, and the clarity is astonishing. Let us benchmark it at 4k resolution and Ultra graphics. The RTX 3060 provides around 15 FPS on average and at least 6 FPS during the gameplay. On the contrary, the RTX 3060 Ti provides around 18 FPS at average and the lowest of 7 FPS.

2- Red Dead Redemption 2 (4k Ultra)

The visually stunning game named Red Dead Redemption (RDR2), when run at 4k resolution, improves the game visually. The game becomes even more demanding at this resolution. I have investigated the benchmark results for this game at 1080p resolution and ultra in-game settings. Now let us investigate the benchmark results at the resolution of 4k with ultra-graphics for 3060 vs 3060 Ti. The RTX 3060 gives an average FPS of 21, and the lowest it reaches is 12 FPS. For the RTX 3060 Ti, the average FPS is 27, and they fluctuate between 27 and 15 FPS.

3- Doom Eternal (4k Ultra)

This action-packed game requires a high level of graphic rendering to be played smoothly. For such a purpose, a good GPU automatically becomes a requirement. Playing these games at low in-game settings is not fun. The real fun starts when the game is played at 4k resolution. Will keeping the settings at ultra and resolution at 4k, we will benchmark this game. First put in the RTX 3060, the FPS fluctuates between an average of 66 FPS and 30 FPS. Replacing it with the RTX 3060 Ti, gave an average of 75 FPS and the lowest of 35 FPS.

4- Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (4k Ultra)

This game is a continuation of the Assassin’s Creed series. The graphic and the storyline of this game is exceptional. At 4k resolution, it feels mesmerizing. The graphic rendering using ray tracing makes it extremely better. Now let us investigate its results at 4k resolution and ultra-graphics for RTX 3060 vs 3060 Ti. On these settings, the RTX 3060 gives an average of 20 FPS and a minimum of 9 FPS.When the graphics card is updated to RTX 3060 Ti. I got an average of 25 FPS and a minimum of 12 FPS.

5- Horizon Zero Dawn (4k Ultra)

Horizon Zero Dawn has been one of the top games released by PlayStation. This game was a banger regarding storyline and graphics rendering. We have already investigated its performance at 1080p resolution and Ultra graphics settings. But playing this game at 4k resolution is a whole new experience. With 4k resolution and ray tracing ON, the game looks phenomenal. I benchmarked it at 4k Ultra graphic settings. For RTX 3060, I got 26 FPS on average, and the lowest was 14 FPS. For RTX 3060 Ti, the average frame rate was 32 FPS, and a minimum of 18 FPS was generated.

RTX 3060 Vs RTX 3060 Ti: Features and Price Comparison

Up till now, we have investigated details for the RTX 3060 vs RTX 3060 Ti graphic cards. It has been a clear victory for 3060 Ti. Even though it was released before RTX 3060 but still it is better. This is not all! RTX 3060 does outperform 3060 Ti in some specifications. Like the VRAM in 3060 is more than 3060 Ti. Impressing enough, also the memory clock speeds for 3060 are better than its brother. On overclocking, the RTX 3060 outperforms RTX 3060 Ti. This makes 3060 a better choice if you are into overclocking. This was a short comparison between the features of both these cards. With all the features they provide, these cards are costly too. The RTX 3060 has been said by the company itself that “the cheapest card” in the RTX 30 series. The price told by NVIDIA for this card is around $329. But due to COVID and increase in prices, they can be found in a price range of $500 – 800. Coming to the prices for NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti. The price quoted by NVIDIA is $399. But it is being sold for around $800 – 1000.

RTX 3060 Vs RTX 3060 Ti: Which Should you buy?

This is a question that every user thinks about before buying a graphics card. If we summarize what we have seen by now, it might seem that RTX 3060 Ti is the best option. Well, that’s not the scenario. RTX 3060 Ti does feel like outperforming its brother. But if we look at the benchmark results of 3060 vs 3060 Ti, the RTX 3060 does perform almost equal to RTX 3060 Ti. Also, the specifications for the RTX 3060 are not bad compared to 3060 Ti. The number of ports and architecture are even the same. If you want to buy a good GPU at a low cost, then it is recommended to buy an RTX 3060. Also, for overclocking enthusiasts, it is the best choice. If you want to use the GPU that could run your 1440p games at good FPS, then RTX 3060 Ti is the best choice. These cards are surely good. The problem is that they are a bit pricy. Due to pandemic, most countries are now facing financial crises. This has made the prices for the GPUs go sky high. A $300 GPU before the pandemic costs around $700 to 800 nowadays. So, if you need the GPU urgently, you should buy it. Else I would recommend postponing until after the pandemic. In case you guys are interested in more guides related to this? Here is the link to everything related to the GPUs in 2023. But judging the RTX 3060 vs 3060 Ti based on just their specifications is not right. Comparing them based on the benchmark results tells us more about the GPUs. It is seen that the RTX 3060 Ti and 3060 are in close quarters during 4K resolution gaming. There is a noticeable difference among them at 1080p gaming. This clears out one thing. That RTX 3060 is not something that can be discarded so easily. It is the closest competitor to 3060 Ti. So, if you need a GPU performing close to RTX 3060 Ti, then the standard 3060 is the best option. Also, overclocking in gaming is the requirement of most gamers nowadays. In this context, the overclocking capabilities of the RTX 3060 give it an edge over the 3060 Ti. So, ruling out the 3060 from the league is a violation.

#1 – Why is the 3060 better than the 3060 Ti?

The RTX 3060 is better than 3060 Ti in the memory it provides for graphic rendering. Also, the memory clock speeds are higher than 3060 Ti. On overclocking, it performs way better than the 3060 Ti. These things make it superior then the RTX 3060 Ti.

#2 – Is it worth upgrading from 2060 to 3060?

I think no. There is no need to spend useless money. But if you are the kind of guy who wants to try different GPUs. Then you have an open choice. The problem is that getting almost the same performance but for more money is not a good offer.

#3 – Should I buy an RTX 3060?

If you have the money only to buy this GPU, then it is the best choice you have. After all, it is a high-end GPU for some reason. But if you can spend a large sum of money on a good GPU. Then you should buy a top-of-the-line GPU like 3080 or 3090. Even a 3070 is a good option.

#4 – Is 3060 Ti good for mining?

If you are a cryptocurrency miner then, good news for you. The RTX 3060 Ti can mine high cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, etc. Even though it is not specifically made for this purpose. But if it fulfills the purpose, then buying it is not a bad option.

#5 – What is the best 3060 to buy?

Many companies create the RTX 3060, but the best RTX 3060 card by now is the ASUS DUAL. This graphic card is an OC edition gaming GPU. It contains almost the same components as I have discussed above. The cooling fans are of high quality. The price for this GPU is around $1291.

#6 – Is RTX 3060 Ti good for 1440p?

Yes, it provides around 40 FPS in most games at 4k. At 1080p, it provides around 150+ FPS which are good for a GPU. It works fine at the 1440p resolution. The FPS for most games is 100+, which is quite good for such a GPU to clock.

#7 – Is 3060 good for 1440p?

I can not say that it is the best for 1440p. Because on 1080p, it provides around 130 to 170 FPS barely. At 4k, the FPS drops drastically to 30. In some games, 10 FPS is the max for 4k resolution. But at 1440p, around 50+ FPS are generated, which is good.

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