If you don’t know anything about NEMT Software then here is a quick introduction. NEMT means Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. NEMT services are majorly taken for people who cannot visit doctors and hospitals themselves. So, instead of struggling for cabs, they can pre-book a NEMT service and reach their destination.  Those who have already used some kind of transportation software would know that they have only a limited number of options. Some are automated and others are not. Let’s cover a complete RouteGenie NEMT Software Review and let you know all about it. 

Pros & Cons Of RouteGenie NEMT Software

First things first, RouteGenie provides routing, dispatching, billing services, and everything is completely automated on the app. From driver management to trip optimization, RouteGenie controls everything. Using this app has been genuinely helpful for many people. However, before using it you should definitely check out its pros and cons. 

Pre-Route, Billing, and Import Features

The Pre-route feature of RouteGenie reduces your costs as it chooses the shortest and fastest way to reach your destination depending upon the vehicle capacity. Generally, around 10% to 20% of the cost is reduced only because of the pre-route feature.  The billing feature maintains your financial health as it generates automatic bills. Moreover, RouteGenie offers real-time integrations, so that you can get your previous transport history in your RouteGenie app. 

Vehicle Recommendations & On Time-Performance

The NEMT app by RouteGenie is quite efficient in giving valuable recommendations to all the customers. It will recommend you vehicles according to your needs. You will even have access to the driver’s qualifications to be extra cautious.  Moreover, the proper pick-up and drop-off timings are really helpful in maintaining the complete performance of the NEMT service. 

HRGenie & Fleet Services

RouteGenie has introduced an all-new HRGenie feature in which HR gets to maintain all previous records of your relationship with drivers. And that includes timekeeping, updating certifications, commissions, licensing renewals and even keeping track of all the documents. Now you don’t have to worry about any of these things. Plus you can access all of these things with the help of HRGenie. How easy!

Dispatch Services

What if you got ready for your appointment, but your driver didn’t show up? Or what if your vehicle has a punctured tire. Would you still be able to reach your destination? Absolutely! The dispatch feature of RouteGenie offers anytime services, even if you have begun the route with your driver. Covering driver call-offs, sudden destination change, and vehicle breakdowns is everything that you get in the Dispatch services. 

Perfect For Small & Large Businesses

Doesn’t matter if you want NEMT services for personal use or your business, you can still choose RouteGenie for all your needs. It has been proven time and again that NEMT services by RouteGenie consider optimized routes over anything. And anyone in the business can understand how much time and money-saving it can be?  With streamlined billing procedures, you can leave off all the worries related to payments. Trip requests hardly get denied, giving you a stress-free travel experience.

You Must Learn To Use RouteGenie NEMT Software App 

This is probably the only thing that can bother you before trying out the RouteGenie app. If you don’t have a good hand at using NEMT software, then it can come across as a hurdle to you. However, once you know how to use the application and manage all its services, you can easily get a good hold of using RouteGenie.  Many customers have had to learn the process a little to understand the working of the app. 

Contact And Address Details

RouteGenie is native to New York. You can visit them Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 7 PM and on weekends you can visit their office from 10 AM to 2 PM. For more information, check out the table below-

Wrapping Up

Overall, RouteGenie is a pretty fine NEMT software. If you haven’t tried it yet, then do use it now. To view the pricing information, start your demo now. You can visit the official website of RouteGenie for more information.  If non-emergency medical transportation services sound like a good option to you then give RouteGenius a try. If you have tried the software previously then comment below your reviews. We would love to share it with our readers. 


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