I am sure you have heard about city-building games. The ones where you build everything right from scratch. However, when I downloaded Star Chef 2 from the Apple App Store, there was nothing of the sort in it. You already have a place, not exactly presentable, but that’s the task. You have to turn it into a restaurant and manage it while being part of a dynamic story with other chefs.  What excited me the most about Star Chef 2 was its ratings. With very high ratings from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Facebook, Star Chef 2 is glowing in the market. Let’s look at the numbers below and find out if it is the right game for you or not. 

Star Chef 2 Review And Ratings 

Star Chef 2 is not just a basic game with good graphic design and interactive interface, it is far more than that. You get to prepare exquisite cuisines and compete with chefs like you all over the world.  When I say you will manage a restaurant, I actually meant it. Usually, restaurant-management games involve only preparing and serving the meals timely. However, you will also hire and give jobs to other chefs in your kitchen. It is something never seen in any management game before.   Talking about its ratings, Android users have rated Star Chef 2 4.8/5, iOS users have rated it 4.7/5 and Facebook users have rated Star Chef 2 as 4.4/5. Moving on to why users have rated the game so highly and if it could be a good choice for you or not, keep scrolling till you find out. 

Features Of Star Chef 2

Let’s look at the features of Star Chef 2 that are different from other simulator games-

1. Intriguing Storylines

Have you ever heard of multiple storylines in one single game? No?Thought so!  Star Chef 2 gives you not ten, not twenty but 80+ storylines and they are enough to make you feel like a true chef in the virtual world. You have no idea what that means until you download the game on any of your devices and start playing right away. 

2. Personalisation

From walls to floors to props and even dishes, everything in Star Chef 2 can be personalized. There are over 200 recipes in the game that are enough to make your mouth water. With so many decorations and recipe choices, I don’t think you will ever want to leave the game. 

3. Hire International Chefs

Even if you don’t have a good hold on cooking in real life, you can manage and learn how to play cooking competitions and even win at Star Chef 2. With international chefs joining your restaurants, it is sure that you will learn multiple skills with new people. You also create your own Chef teams and participate in multiple tournaments. What’s the prize? You will get to be the ultimate Master Chefs of the leaderboards.  

4. Trivia

Besides just playing and having fun, you will actually be learning about historical cuisine facts. How was a dish prepared in the past centuries? What evolved its recipe and things like that are always super interesting to know. Moreover, besides real-life learning, it will also help you win numerous competitions and unlock more levels. 

5. Vegetable Garden

If you think that you will get short of veggies and other supplies then fret not. Star Chef 2 even gives you your own farm so that you can grow and produce your own fruit and vegetable in your backyard. 

6. Pool Parties

Star Chef 2 is not just limited to a food serving management game. You will get to have your pool and super fun pool parties. Not just some show in the background, but also an interactive catering service along with it. 

7. Seasonal Events

When I said Star Chef 2 is different from the rest of the games in the scene, I meant it. You will get events for every season. Recently, there was a Food Cart Event going on in the game, and before it, there was a Kekoa’a Adventure which was a Halloween-themed event. 

8. Holiday Updates

On every holiday, Star Chef 2 gives a new update and that totally takes you into the new vibe. Be it Christmas, New Year, or Thanksgiving you will have your festive updates now and then.  

Wrapping Up

I must say Star Chef 2 is a very good game to play if you like an interactive game that also incorporates management features. That was all about this review article on Star Chef 2. I would highly recommend you to play it and share your experiences in the comment section below. 


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