Now retro fonts have made quite a splash this 2021, with many designers using them while beautifying websites. If you want your own pages to sport similar kinds of typography, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few vintage fonts you might like to use, alongside some useful tips.


Developed by Artimasa Studio, this bold yet stylish retro-inspired font is great for your business logos, branding, posters, and packaging. Its 60s and 70s vibe can make customers feel nostalgic, while simultaneously making your business look fun and unique.  On a more technical note, the Streetwear script typeface can be accessed through OTF friendly programs like InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Additionally, you can also download this font through various providers on the internet.


Unio’s Carosello font can similarly give your ads a vintage yet pleasant look and feel. Perfect for inspirational quotes and phrases, this typography is notable for its 50s vibe. Plus, it’s one of the retro fonts out there that’s completely hand-made. Created using an actual sharpie, it helps preserve the imperfection and grace of hand-written letters. Used in your business’s website, this will help make your brand feel more personal and approachable. The Carosello typography can be downloaded for free from various online font providers. Font formats can either be OTF or TTF.

West Side

Inspired by those 80s posters we’ve come to know and love, the West Side is another block-style hand-crafted font that can add flair and personality to your brand’s website. Each character in this typeface feels like it’s been cut out from sheets of paper. With its asymmetrical looks, it will add dimension to your projects. The West Side font is developed by Artimasa Studio, and it’s available on various online font websites. It only comes in OTF format. (Note: West Side should not be confused with Westside, a cowboy-themed font developed by Adrian Frutiger.)

Lazer 84

Alternatively, you can use the Lazer 84 typeface to give your website that nostalgic retro 80s vibe you’re looking for. Created by Juan Hodgson, this font can brighten up any website with its brushed-up style.  Technical-wise, the Lazer 84 font comes in TTF format, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Moreover, it can easily be converted into web fonts, and it can be printed using cutting machines like Cricut and Silhouette.


Inspired by the retro fonts that defined the 50’s and 70’s, Hendra Pratama’s Groovy can give your website a pleasant blast-in-the-past vibe. By using this font, you’ll give your pages that psychedelic aesthetic and feel that’s popular during the disco era. Plus, its hippie peace and love roots will make your site stand out. The Groovy typeface comes in OTF format, and both regular and extruded versions can be downloaded from various online font providers. The package includes up to 593 glyphs, along with open-type features like swashes, stylistic alternates, and ligatures.

Tips When Choosing the Right Fonts

While the fonts mentioned above can definitely spruce up your website (and your brand by extension), you should still remember not to pick a font just for the sake of it. So now that you’re familiar with some of the best retro fonts out there, below are a couple of tips to ensure you choose the right ones for your pages:

Pick the Fonts That Matches Your Brand’s Tone

Fonts can either make or break your brand. So make sure the ones you choose can work harmoniously with your brand’s aesthetics and feel. That is, it should help contribute to your business and website’s storytelling.

Check the Font’s Readability First

You should also prioritize readability when choosing fonts. While most vintage fonts out there are legible enough, some are still more readable than others. And the easier to understand a font is, the better it can help promote your brand.

Limit Your Font Usage

Most web designers recommend not using more than three different fonts for your website. By limiting the fonts you use, you improve your website’s design and make it more accessible to visitors. 

Rank Your Fonts By Importance

And aside from limiting the number of fonts, you need to rank the ones you’re using based on their significance. That is, your website should have a primary font, a secondary font, and a tertiary font.

Wrapping Up

The right fonts can help communicate your brand to customers in ways words alone cannot. With the retro fonts mentioned above, as well as the tips laid out, you can rest assured that your website sports the best typography to keep it looking sharp.


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