Slowly but steadily, Ratcoin is taking over the crypto world. With only a 9 Billion maximum supply, this crypto is definitely worth the intrigue everybody is talking about. Working its way through decentralized blockchain technology and a very creative RAT ticker, you must really want to know whether Elon Musk owns Ratcoin or not.

What is Ratcoin Elon Musk?

Launched on 10 November 2018, Ratcoin is a cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain. The official website of Ratcoin states, “The goal of the project is quite simple: deploy a fun coin that will ever infest your life.” From the eye of a typical crypto user, Ratcoin is made only for fun purposes and is good crypto to start taking interest in crypto coins.

Details on Ratcoin

These were all the details on Ratcoin cryptocurrency. Also, read 11 Things Elon Musk Wants to Change on Twitter | An Era of Free Speech?

Does Elon Musk Own Ratcoin?

No, Elon Musk does not own Ratcoin. As soon as Ratcoin started getting hype in the market, people speculated that Elon Musk could be its owner. Especially after Musk gave a statement that he would like more transparency and it would save him a lot on taxes. However, as it turns out Musk has no connections, whatsoever, with Ratcoin. Infact, the people behind Ratcoin actually stated in a tweet, Hence that clears all the doubt and confusion behind the question, “Does Elon Musk owns Ratcoin?”

Who Owns Ratcoin?

If Elon Musk doesn’t own Ratcoin then who does? This question must have struck your mind after the clarification. Well, the owners of Ratcoin haven’t revealed their identity yet. The official website of Ratcoin also hasn’t given any details on its owner so I guess we just have to wait for it. I think it is very smart of the owners of Ratcoin to not reveal their identities. It’s been months and people were continuously wondering whether Elon was the owner or not. The silence from the actual owners of ratcoin only helped in intriguing the audience more. Hence, the hype. Also, read Elon Breaks the Glass Ceiling to Get Trump Back on Twitter?

How to Buy Ratcoin?

As updated by the official Ratcoin website, you can buy Ratcoin at three crypto exchanges listed below- However, you can also use Ratcoin independently if you store Ratcoin in a physical wallet and even share it with your friends and family. The price of Ratcoin typically fluctuates so you would have to check on these three exchanges for it. This is how you can buy Ratcoin.

RatCoin Price

Currently, 1 RAT is around $0.000109 90.58% (based on 24 hour time). Since RatCoin price is very low right now, people are very skepital to buy it. IMPORTANT NOTE! Please do thorough research on every crypto you invest in. Path of EX does not take any responsibility for any of your investments and does not endorse any cryptocurrency.

Wrapping Up

That was all about this article on Ratcoin Elon Musk. I tried to answer as many queries as I could. However, if you still have any other questions, then feel free to use the comment section below. I will try my best to look for the most verified answers for you.


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