Years of Experience

Holding the reins of a business is not an easy job. It needs to be done carefully, thus, it should be offered to able hands. The number of years of experience is a very important question to ask your business solicitor. You must know whether they have worked for a company before. This would ensure how smooth they will be in handling yours. You may also ask to speak to their previous employers to get reviews. 

In the Face of Conflict

It is important to make sure how your business solicitor would act in a situation of dispute or how much time they would invest in resolving it. To check, give them hypothetical situations and notice how they approach the conflicting situations, and arrive at a conclusion. This will help you realize if such an approach is beneficial for your company. 

Working for Other Companies

Often, business solicitors work for multiple companies. It is up to you to decide whether you are okay with it or not. Even if you are, make sure those other companies would not create a conflict of interest for you. Moreover, it is important to find out whether your business solicitor is working for companies that are your competitors or former partners. In which case, you may not feel comfortable sharing your business strategies with them. 

Communication Skills

If you are hiring a business solicitor for your company, make sure they are available for you when you require them. It will be hugely disadvantageous for the company if you hire a solicitor who takes a long time to respond to your calls or emails. Thus, make sure you state your terms very clearly and note their responses when you ask them about their communication skills. It is also important to find out their mode of communication, whether they prefer to communicate over the phone or through emails. You may or may not need your solicitor to respond immediately. Thus, choose a business solicitor based on what works for you to your advantage. 

Billing Inquiries

Different solicitors charge for their services differently. Some may charge on an hourly basis, while some may do it based on the number of days. To avoid any kind of surprise when their bill arrives, it is necessary to find out their preferred way of billing. Do not forget to ask them for a detailed picture of their expenses, including research and other fees. Failing to do so might put a very high price in your hand at the end of the month. 

Reduction of Costs

The charge of business solicitors is often very high, but companies should not lose heart after knowing so. Otherwise, they might lose the opportunity of getting to hire an able business solicitor for their business. It is important to communicate with your potential solicitor to understand if there are many ways of cutting down costs to the company’s advantage. 

Referrals of Other Solicitors

It is not improbable for your solicitor to be met with an issue they might not have any experience in. In that case, they must refer other business solicitors to the company for that issue alone. Sometimes, solicitors refrain from doing so for fear of losing their clients. But, it is important to clear this area of doubt before they are hired. 


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