PUBG Mobile has officially announced that they are launching the game again in India which includes an addition to the name: PUBG Mobile India. It is rumored to be launched around or on Diwali in India. With the huge carnation of the festival, is the return of the controversial game a reason to celebrate or worry? The word India in the title might indicate many changes on the board.


The South Korean-based company is all ready to launch the new game in India. The new version is made especially for the Indian Markets, taking care of the previous mistakes and blunders. Amendments are expected from the corporation. A lot many things went wrong with the earlier and led to a ban. The PUBG Corporation is making sure that all mistakes are rectified. Also, read Best Action-Adventure Games for PC 2021


The in-game content will be customized according to the needs of Indian users. The officials say that the new game would reflect the local needs. There will be new characters and new skins. Nudity will be censored in the new version of the game. The red hit effect will be changed to green. The new version will put restrictions on the game time for younger players. Considering the after-effects of the ban of the game, some alteration was required and necessary as well. The corporation also announced that the new game would be maximizing data security for the players and adhere to the local regulations.


The developers had made this very clear in their announcement that they will be hiring 100 local employees to enhance customer service. The developers also said, “In addition to establishing a local office, the company will look to actively collaborate and leverage local businesses to strengthen its gaming service.” These are the Best Editor’s Choice Games for PC 2021


It is also rumored that the corporation is all ready to make an investment of $100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores). The money is decided, the name is made for sure but still no date for the launch of the game. The officials said that they are making this huge investment because they want to “cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and the IT industry. A significant amount of money is also expected to be invested in the development of gaming culture and gaming tournaments. With these investments, the gaming economy of the country will also grow. With the coming back of the new PUBG Mobile India, the gaming culture will again start to grow in India. The youngsters and the self- gamers, who made a career of this game through gaming YouTube channels and gaming tournaments. Check out, 6 Best Xbox Games For Girls Listed by Female Gamers in 2021 PUBG was banned in India with other 116 Chinese applications. Apart from the government reasons, the game also had a bad influence on society and the players of the game. The game was continuously criticized for its violent culture and addiction. PUBG in India created a different section of its users and also created a huge gaming culture in the country. Now that the corporation is coming up with a new version of the name, it is supposedly expected that the game will follow some cultural norms, for example, the characters will be fully clothed in the game now. The game will even have a new restriction feature that would restrict the playtime of the younger players of the game. This change is made considering the past experiences of the game. Users of the game were addicted to playing the game that the ban of the same caused many psychological problems leading to children taking their life. Check out, Best Multiplayer Games for PC 2021 On the other hand, the news is very exciting for gamers on YouTube and live streamers on various platforms. The raise of PUBG in the gaming culture has already been witnessed by the country. The gamers are excited and ready for the next wave of the gaming culture.


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