Unlike any other Roblox game, The Project Hero is also inspired by a hit anime called My Hero Academia. The Project Hero is a metaverse experienced game developed by Atlas Fan Club. The gamers of Project Hero start their journey from Hosu city and begin to start face off against powerful opponents to become more powerful. The Project Hero codes can help you become the ultimate hero. Now that we know how important and fun to learn Project Hero codes. Let us scroll on and land on the list of all the available Project Hero codes and use them & come one step closer to becoming an ultimate hero of the world.

All Project Hero Codes Of January 2023

We have a collection of all the available Project Hero codes both working and expired. Lets us read on to the rest of the article to find out.

Active Project Hero Codes | Working In January 2023

These are the codes which are currently working you may start to use these codes right away. We advise you to use these active Project Hero hero codes asap before they expire.

PHSPINS—Redeem for Spins (New) SPOOKY—Redeem for 10 Spins PLSCODE—Redeem for free rewards PLSREP—Redeem for free rewards

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Expired Project Hero Codes

These are the Project Hero codes which are no longer working

VERISONV42NEW—Redeem for Quirk Spins THANKSFORNEWCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins ROBLOXDOWNSTATRESET—Redeem for Stat Reset SHYUTDOWNCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins NEWVERISON42—Redeem for Quirk Spins NEWESTSTATRESET—Redeem for Stat Reset THANKSMRUNRIO—Redeem for Quirk Spins FINALLYSTATRESET—Redeem for Stat Reset 20SPINCODEYES—Redeem for Quirk Spins BIGBUGPATCH—Redeem for Quirk Spins UPDATE4SPINS—Redeem for Quirk Spins UPDATE4DOUBLESPINS—Redeem for Quirk Spins UPDATE4EXP—Redeem for XP DOUBLEREP4—Redeem for Hero Rep VILLAIN4REPUPDATE—Redeem for Villain Rep STATRESETUPDATE4—Redeem for Stat Reset NEWESTCODE—Redeem for Stat Reset NEWESTSPINS—Redeem for Quirk Spins ShutdownCode1—Redeem for Stat Reset Shutdowncode1—Redeem for Quirk Spins SORRYFORBUG—Redeem code for Quirk Spins RESETMEASAP—Redeem for Stat Reset PATCH1CODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins PATCH2CODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins PATCHINGCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins EVERYTHINGPATCHED—Redeem for Quirk Spins THANKSFORPATCH—Redeem for Quirk Spin UPDATE4LITEXPEXP—Redeem for XP CODEDROPPED—Redeem for Quirk Spins & Rep EXPCODE1—Redeem for XP EXPCODE2—Redeem for XP VILLAINREP—Redeem for Villain Rep HEROREP—Redeem for Hero Rep STATRESET35—Redeem for a Stat Reset NEWSPINS35—Redeem for Quirk Spins CODEGOTDROPED—Redeem for Quirk Spins LETSGOCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins STATRESETFI—Redeem for Stat Point Reset ALLMIGHTISHERE—Redeem for Quirk Spins NEWCODEEE—Redeem for Quirk Spins 4MVISITS—Redeem for a Stat Point Reset 80KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins LASTSHUTDOWN—Redeem for Quirk Spins BUGFIXES—Redeem for Quirk Spins MOBILEISLIVE—Redeem for Quirk Spins CODEENJOY—Redeem for Quirk Spins UPDATEISOUT—Redeem for Stat Point Reset NEWUPDATE—Redeem for Quirk Spins COOLCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins RESETSTATS—Redeem for a Stat Point Reset EPICCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins NEWCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins UPDATE—Redeem for Quirk Spins CHRISTMAS—Redeem for Stat Point Reset 75KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins CHRISTMASEVE—Redeem for Stat Point Reset CODEY—Redeem for Quirk Spins 70KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 3MVISITS—Redeem for Quirk Spins CHRISTMAS!—Redeem for Stat Point Reset UPDATE1—Redeem for Quirk Spins NasuuYT—Redeem for Quirk Spins SPINSYES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 60KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins WISEHI—Redeem for Stat Point Reset 55KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 2MVISITS—Redeem for Quirk Spins 50KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 45KLIKESRedeem for Quirk Spins 1MVISITS—Redeem for Stat Point Reset 40KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 35KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins MORESET2—Redeem for Stat Point Reset 25KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 20KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 500KVISITS—Redeem for Quirk Spins 15KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins UNRIOCLUTCH—Redeem for Quirk Spins + XP 10KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins 5KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins MOGIFT—Redeem for Quirk Spins, Rep, Cash, XP RELEASE—Redeem for Quirk Spins

How To Redeem Project Hero Codes?

Redeeming Project Hero codes is easy. Just walk through the steps with us. Follow these steps to redeem Project Slayer codes. Also, read Project Slayers Codes January 2023 | How to Redeem New Codes

Wrapping Up

Now you have all the Project Hero codes and their redeeming process. We cannot come and redeem the awards for you right? If we could we would definitely do that too. Go and redeem your rewards now!!! Happy gaming. Stay connected with Path Of EX for more updates.


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