Pridefall cyber attack is usually operated by 4Chan users who raid Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Tiktok, and other social platforms to look for the LGBTQ+ community and harass them mentally. They try to hack their operations and scare them by sending plenty of videos of gay being raped and killed, just to mess with their living standards, especially during Pride Month.  Pride Discord Attack happened back in 2020 and who knows the degree of truth behind the recent news of the comeback of the Pridefall Discord Attack. Maybe it can be a stunt to implant a sense of fear in your hearts or maybe not. However, a little precaution to avoid scams of Pridefall Discord Attack is always a good idea. Move along further to know more about Pridefall Discord Attack 2022 and how this cyber event attack can affect your existing Discord server and channels. 

What Is Pridefall?

Prideful is a Cyber-attack event on all social media platforms (including Discord) that involves any suspected unauthorized access to the system, electronic attack, violation of privacy, cyber terrorism, hacking, phishing attack, and malware infection. At the time of Pridefall, players will be receiving a bundle of gore, extreme profanity, racist slurs, and a lot of illegal content once they accept the friend request of an unknown on Discord or any other social media platform.   Pridefall Discord Attack is a cyber-attack event that takes place on all social media platforms to harass and target the LGBTQ+ community. Also, read Bizzare Walmart Pride Collection Comes Back in 2022, Gets Roasted on Internet

Scams Likely To Happen During Pridefall Discord Attack

Pridefall Discord Attack 2022 can result in a lot of cyber scams on your Discord Server. Once the Pridefall: Cyber-attack event happens, the hacker gets access to sever’s permissions and can update the channels or spam invite links by using a webhook.  However, the discord server cannot be hacked by just accepting a friend request unless you click a suspected link or install a malicious application on the PC.  To know what scams are likely to happen during Pridefall Discord Attack, Go On further:

Grabbing of IP address Unlimited fake giveaway messages A rush of plenty of friend requests

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How To Recover The IP Address From Pridefall Discord Attack?

IP Address plays a major role in Pridefall Discord cyber event attacks. Once the hacker grabs your IP address, he can even send some people after you. But don’t worry and continue to read to learn how you can recover the grabbed IP address during the Pridefall Discord attack: If a hacker grabs your IP Address, you must turn off your router for approx 4-5 hours minimum on a priority basis. Once you will turn back on the router, your IP will be changed. 

How To Stop The Scams During Pridefall Discord Attack?

To stop these scams that are most likely to happen during Pridefall Discord Attack, one must follow the following ways:

Block the senders of the fake giveaway messages  Report or block the unknowns added to the friend list  Turn off the router to recover the IP address

Pridefall Discord Attack can make a blunder if the hacker gets your IP address. He can even locate your exact location, however, turning off the router will prevent such mishappenings. Be cautious and take all the required precautions to stop all the scams of the Pridefall Discord Attack.  Also, read 22 Different LGBTQ Flags & Their Meanings | All Pride Flags in 2022

Wrapping Up

Pridefall Discord Attack often aims to bring out the worse for the LGBTQ community. The hackers try every possible way to scare out the members of the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month. Therefore, to escape such Pridefall Discord attack scams, you must make the most of the above-mentioned guide.  I hope all your questions regarding the Pridefall Discord Attack are answered well. Path of EX welcomes every kind of confession or query, do write them to us below.  Adios!


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