Top Benefits 

PowerCapital is an excellent pick for investors and traders looking to venture into the international trading platform. It has diverse product offerings, a seamless trading experience, and other unique perks. The following are the main reasons why we think PowerCapital is a great broker. 

Multiple investment instruments 

While PowerCapital is purpose-built for options trading, it also offers diverse investments for different types of traders and investors. Besides, clients using the platform also have exposure to major global markets. Other product offerings include stocks, futures, forex, and crypto. 

Advanced trading tools 

The platform also features a suite of sophisticated tools that meet the needs of all active traders. Its desktop, web, and mobile platforms have multiple customizable tools and functions for a more fulfilling trading experience. 

Massive library of educational materials 

The international trading environment can be very murky and PowerCapital offers the best quality resources to enable traders to navigate the markets without trouble. The content covers financial information, investment strategies, and industry news. 

Who PowerCapital Is Best for

PowerCapital is best suited for active experienced options, stock and futures traders, and those who are interested in gaining exposure to the global markets. The trading platforms’ designs support the diverse needs of all active traders. While its sophisticated tools and features can be intimidating to beginner traders, the venues also offer plenty of educational resources for seamlessly navigating the intricacies of international trading. 

PowerCapital Pros and Cons 

Like other online brokers, PowerCapital has unique perks and cons that investors and traders should understand before using. The following is an overview of the broker’s main pros and cons. 


Multiple investment products Sophisticated trading tools and functions Customizable trading experience High-quality educational and research materials Reliable customer support 


Advanced tools may seem as overwhelming to new traders 

Trading Experience 

PowerCapital is primarily designed for the active and experienced options trader. However, it also allows traders to access several other investments on global markets. Thus, it has three dedicated trading channels; a web-based system, a desktop platform, and a mobile app. The venues share many customizable features and functions, including watchlists, trading page details, and position data.  The tools can help traders evaluate volatility and perform other essential activities to maximize profitability. The web and desktop platforms have a similar interface, support charting, and real-time data streaming. Trades can also stream quotes on multiple platforms. However, the desktop platform would be the most suitable for active traders since it provides enhanced graphic and charting tools.  The desktop platform, web-based systems, and mobile also support stop-limit orders. However, the mobile and web platforms lack some features found in the desktop program, such as OTO, OTC, graph rotation, order notifications, and price alerts. The mobile app is intuitive but may seem overwhelming to novice traders.  PowerCapital provides actionable educational content based on thorough research and real-world experience to help traders to grow their knowledge about investing in various assets. The resources feature videos, articles, and market reports. 

What Do They Offer?

PowerCapital has multiple product offerings, but it is a bit cautious compared to most of its immediate competitors. Unlike most brokers, the platform does not offer bonds, ETFs, CFDs, and OTCBB stocks. However, they have a forward-thinking strategy that supports crypto. PowerCapital provides the following investments. 

Options StocksCryptocurrencies Futures Forex 

PowerCapital supports multiple order types, including limit orders, market orders, stop limit orders, bracket orders, conditional orders, and Good til date. 

Commissions and Fees 

PowerCapital charges no commissions on stock trading. However, they have a competitive strategy for pricing options trading. For instance, opening a position in options trading is subject to just a $1. Meanwhile, closing positions in options trading is free. Trading crypto, futures, and forex attract different fees and commissions, but they also follow an almost similar model to the options trading pricing. Traders should check the comprehensive fee schedule on the platforms to be sure of what to expect. 

Final Verdict 

Overall, PowerCapital is an excellent platform for the active experienced trader seeking exclusive exposure to global markets. It offers multiple trading instruments, advanced tools, and a vast library of educational resources for custom trading experiences. Nevertheless, do a little more research to understand the market. Also, contact this broker or visit their website if you need more information.   Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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