The Post News social media app is one of the most powerful alternatives for Twitter. It has many features that make you feel at home if you have recently left Twitter. Actually, it does not have an app that you can download on your iOS or Android smartphone. It is yet in its beta version, and currently, it can be accessed only on web browsers. The platform is not ready to use either, you have to join the waitlist on its web to use it.  Post News (Post.) claims to be the non toxic and decent social media platform. Let’s know more about the Post News social media app.

What is Post News Social Media App?

Post News is the latest entry to social media platforms. It is a microblogging site. You can use it to publish your photos, videos, text posts and more all like Twitter. However, the character limit is not found in Post News. Also read, Is Gas App Safe and How Does It Work | Know Everything (2022) Post News is founded and owned by the ex-Waze OG CEO, Noam Bardin. He says, “Post will be a civil place to debate ideas; learn from experts, journalists, individual creators, and each other; converse freely, and have some fun.”  The Post News social media app cannot be joined instantly like the Mastodon servers or Hive Social. Noam Bardin has said that the platform is yet building features and tools that will keep users civil. So Post News allows people to do them one by one. You are put on a waitlist when you first time browses the platform and attempt to join it.

How to Join Post News Social Media App Waitlist?

If you agree with the rules posted on the landing page of the Post News social media app, you are good to go with joining the waitlist process. Here is how to join the Post News waitlist: Step 1: Launch Post News on your web browser. Step 2: Read the welcome page’s rules and hit “Join the Waitlist” at the bottom center. Also, read What is Mastodon Social: The Emerging Alternative to Twitter Step 3: Fill in the details on the waitlist form with your email ID, name, and “bio” (or “about yourself”). Step 4: Click the JOIN THE WAITLIST button in the bottom center. Step 5: To get early access, share the link generated on this page and motivate others to join the platform.

What is the Post News Social Media App Waitlist?

Post News is busy trying to install moderation tools, so it is not letting people join in bulk. Post is also developing this method, keeping people on hold in order to attract more users. Post News will generate your waiting number once you click “Join the Waitlist.” As per users, Post welcomes more than 1000 people to the platform from the waitlist. Once the waitlist is over, you will get an email notification from Post News. You have to click on the given link and complete your sign-up process. Also, read What is Hive Social Media: Everything You Need to Know (2022) Many people on the waitlist call the line slow and even at a halt. It may vary from user to user. People who have successfully referred others and shared the link see a visible improvement in their waitlist line.

Features of Post News Social Media App

The platform has many awesome features you will enjoy as soon as your waitlist is over. Here are the top 5 features mentioned by the owner himself:

  1. Posts can be of any length.
  2. You can comment, like, share, and repost any post.
  3. You can purchase individual articles from several premium news providers.
  4. You can read posts from several sources in a single interface.
  5. You can discuss meaningful dialogue with friends, acquaintances, experts, and leaders.

How to Download the Post News Social Media App on an iPhone or Android Smartphone?

As of now, the Post News social media platform has not launched its app, either on the App Store or on Google Play. You can, however, use it on your smartphone’s web browser with ease. It has a smooth web user interface on both computers and smartphones. When you access it on your smartphone, it already has the feel of an app. The app is scheduled to be listed on the app stores once the developers are satisfied with the features and other moderation tools to keep the platform non-toxic and civil.

Wrapping Up

That is all about the latest social media platform, Post News. People are complaining about the slowness of the waitlist. I will let you know more about the platform in my upcoming articles. Stay tuned and surf the Path of EX site regularly.


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