Since, in a lot of cases, a Pokemon can do absolutely zero damage, it’s important to know what those cases are. If you don’t, you could end up being beaten easily. Remarkably, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you can transform a Pokemon’s type in battle via Terastilizing. It’s a revolutionary change to the Pokemon type chart. So let’s take a look at it and what these changes are.

Pokemon Type Chart | Strengths, Weaknesses & Effectiveness

In Pokemon, a Pokemon’s type dictates whether it is stronger or weaker than other Pokemon. If you’re stronger, you’ll deal super effective damage; if you’re weaker, you won’t be very effective. In some cases, your attack could have no effect at all, so getting a grip on all 18 Pokemon types is important to maximize your damage outcome. Also, read Pokemon Games In Order (Updated 2022) | Pokemon Revolutionary Era You can use this Pokemon type chart in Scarlet and Violet, Legends Arceus, Sword, and Shield & Pokemon GO to ensure you perform super effectively. Here is the Pokemon Type Chart with strengths, weaknesses, resistance, and vulnerability: Also, read 10 Best Games Like Pokemon: Working In 2022 | Pokemon Alternative Games

Pokemon Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB)

STAB is the short form for Same Type Attack Bonus. It increases the damage of moves that are of the same type as the Pokemon that’s using the move. It gives the attack a 1.5 times damage boost. So, if your Fire-type Pokemon attacks a water-type Pokemon with a Pyro Ball, you will get the same type of attack bonus, but it will increase your attack. You can figure out how to get STAB with the knowledge of the Pokemon type chart.

Pokemon Type Chart For Scarlet And Violet | Strength & Weakness

In the latest Pokemon game, Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, there have been additions. This is why it’s also a revolutionary change to the Pokemon type chart for this game. Here is the Scarlet And Violet Pokemon Type Chart with strengths & weaknesses: Also, read 170+ The Best Pokémon Go Nicknames That Are Unique & Quirky (2022 Edition)

Pokemon Type Chart Changes & Updates

Most of the Pokemon type chart has not changed over all the years, but there have been a few modifications. For instance, in Gen 2, Dark & Steel types were added, while in Gen 6, Fairy-type Pokemon were introduced.

Generation 1

There were no Dark or Steel-type Pokemon. Ghost-type moves had no impact on Psychic Pokemon. The bug was super-effective on Poison and vice-versa. This was changed so that Bug is now not very effective against Poison, and Poison now does regular damage against Bug. Ice-type moves were indifferent to Fire-type Pokemon. Now they are not very effective.

Pokemon Generation 2 to 5

There were no Fairy-type Pokemon. Ghost & Dark-type attacks weren’t very effective against Steel-type Pokemon.  Since Generation 6, they have been doing neutral harm.

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Wrapping Up

Ultimately, your battle strengths depend on your knowledge of the Pokemon World. If you know what beats what, you’ll end up having a fair advantage over Pokemon Players who don’t. So your best bet is to try to memorize or at least save the Pokemon-type chart to use it when you need to. Happy Gaming!


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