This article will outline the proper pokemon scarlet and violet gym order or sequence for completing the obstacles at the game’s Gyms, Titans, and Star Street in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Many new interesting features like Hidden abilities and breeding without a daycare, are keeping players hooked. This article will assist players in navigating Paldea along with gym orders. So scroll on. The open-world Pokemon Scarlet & Violet features three separate narratives. Players can choose to advance these tales in any order they deem fit, despite the lack of level scaling. Players have the option to immediately engage the gym at Glaseado Mountain with level 40+ Pokemon. Discover more facts about gym orders by scrolling down.

The Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Order 

This new option called pokemon scarlet, and violet gym order is a touch deceptive, though, as some gym leaders are significantly stronger than others in terms of the quantity and level of their Pokemon. There is sort of an ideal Gym order, which makes the game feel much more like its predecessors than the designers could have hoped. Fortunately for players, figuring out the optimum gym sequence in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is not that difficult. The ideal pokemon scarlet and violet gym order is as follows. Ideal pokemon scarlet and violet gym order –

1. Cortondo Gym: Katy 

Type: Bug-Type Nymble: Level 14 Tarountula: Level 14 Teddiursa: Level 15

2. Artazon Gym: Brassius 

Type: Grass-Type Petilil: Level 16 Smoliv: Level 16 Sudowoodo: Level 17

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3. Levincia Gym: Iono 

Type: Electric-Type Wattrel: Level 23 Bellibolt: Level 23 Luxio: Level 23 Mismagius: Level 24

4. Cascarrafa Gym: Kofu

Type: Water-Type Veluza: Level 29 Wugtrio: Level 29 Crabominable: Level 30

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5. Medali Gym: Larry 

Type: Normal-Type Komala: Level 35 Dundunsparce: Level 35 Staraptor: Level 36

6. Montenevera Gym Ryme 

Type: Ghost-Type Mimikyu: Level 41 Banette: Level 41 Houndstone: Level 41 Toxtricity: Level 42

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7. Alfornada Gym: Tulip 

Type: Psychic-Type Farigiraf: Level 44 Espathra: Level 44 Gardevoir: Level 44 Florges: Level 45

8. Glaseado Gym: Grusha 

Type: Ice-Type Frosmoth: Level 47 Beartic: Level 47 Cetitan: Level 47 Altaria: Level 48

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Watch The Correct Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gym Order

Who Is The Hardest & Strongest Gym Leader in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Grusha appears to be the strongest gym leader in pokemon scarlet and violet. It truly depends on the Pokemon that players have in their teams. For instance, individuals that start Fuecoco will probably have no issue defeating Grusha’s Ice-type team, but they might struggle against Cascarrafa Gym’s considerably lower-leveled Water-types.  This is why picking the ideal starter Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet & knowing pokemon scarlet and violet gym order is crucial, so players should seriously consider their options before setting off on their Paldea adventure.

Wrapping Up

This was everything you had to know about this pokemon scarlet and violet gym order. We saw the correct sequence of all the gyms and we also learned who is the strongest gym leader. Do share this article with your friends and family who want a correct gym order. Do visit Path of EX once and get all the latest updates on your interested topics.  Happy Gaming!


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