Pokemon Go Prime Gaming Rewards

You are probably aware that the Pokemon Go Prime Gaming rewards would be available every other two weeks.  The first set of Pokemon Go Prime Gaming rewards was actually revealed on Thursday 19th May, 2022. All the freebies for the players on offer were as given below: 

  1. 30 Poke Balls– Used to catch Pokemon in the game. 
  2. 5 Max Revives– Revives a Pokemon and restores it to full health. 
  3. 1 Star Piece– Stardust  is increased by 50% for a certain time period. Also, read Among Us VR Release Date Quest 2 Confirmed | Finally! Among Us Now In VR (2022) 

How To Redeem Pokemon Go Prime Gaming Bundles and Rewards?

To redeem Pokemon Go Prime Gaming Bundles, follow the steps mentioned below:

Visit the Pokemon Go Prime Gaming website.Once you open the site, you would find various cards for in-game content which can be redeemed.If there is a prize that can be immediately claimed, then it would show a blue button saying “Claim Now”.All the future prizes would say a month on them. That is the exact time when you would be required to redeem any other new content. As soon as you tap on “Claim Now”, you would end up receiving a code consisting of letters and numbers.

Every code is actually a unique one that must be redeemed to your Pokemon Go Prime Gaming account to get your hands on free items.  You should actually check out Ninatic’s offer redemption page simply by tapping on this link. You’ll see a few login options available, even Google and Ninatic Kids. You can simply choose and straight-up put in the credentials that are utilized in playing Pokemon Go on your mobile, and you would be logged in.  As soon as you’re done getting signed in, you’ll see a text box with the instruction “Enter Offer Code.” You have to copy that code that you got from Prime Gaming, simply put it in the text box, and then finally tap on the orange Submit button right below the box. Afterward, you’ll see a success message with the message that your prize has been redeemed.  Although the process that we have mentioned above actually works for pretty much all players on all devices, the Android players can even redeem their Pokemon Go codes in-game if they wish to. It is just a tad bit different which we will happily explain to you.  Also, read Apex Legends Ranks: Ranked Reloaded, Splits & 13 Season Update

Redeeming Pokemon Go Prime Gaming Codes In-Game On Android devices

As soon as you have claimed your Pokemon Go Prime Gaming code from the original website, you are required to:  Also, read How To Get Heirloom Shards In Apex Legends (2022) | Buy Free Heirloom Shards

Wrapping Up

Well, that is all there is to it! We have included all the necessary information that you would require in this article. You should definitely not miss out on this fantastic Pokemon Go Prime Gaming collaboration. If you loved Pokemon Go, you should definitely have a look at our list of Games like Pokemon Go. In case you have any further doubts, feel free to drop a comment. 


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