Pluto TV has recently improvised its service and the content it has to offer. It has added new channels, categories, and programming for its viewers from game shows, to lifestyle, food, and so much more. It is an online streaming provider, owned by Paramount Global.  They are offering unique features and massive content, and issues like Pluto TV not working if there is some bug in the app can happen. So, here we have the possible causes and solutions to fix this issue.

Why is Pluto TV Not Working?

One of the reasons for the non-functionality of the Pluto TV App might be the use of an older version of the application. To complement the latest version of the app, you need to check if the Operating System is also updated. As it is a new kid on the block, some connectivity or server issues might hamper the streaming process. Here are a few ways to fix it. Also, read How to Fix Paramount+ Not Working | 5 Causes & 5 Solutions 

How to Fix Pluto TV Not Working? 

You can find your solutions to Pluto TV not working by answering the following 5 questions. The answers to these questions are your possible fixes. 

1. Is Pluto TV Compatible with Your Device?

The device’s compatibility is a significant check. Check if the Pluto App is compatible with the device you have. The reason, as of now, Pluto TV is compatible with Roku only as Roku supports its local channels. Additionally, even the Roku TV needs an OTA antenna to get Pluto TV working. The good news is that Pluto TV is expanding to access compatibility with other devices.  Also, read Hulu Not Working: How To Fix It | Try these Simple Steps

2. Is Your Internet Connection Upto the Mark?

The crucial aspect of streaming on any device or any platform is the quality of the Internet and the speed. So, if you face the issue of Pluto TV not working, you must check your internet connection along with speed. Simply check your internet speed on Google and search for internet speed tests. Click Run Speed Test. After the test, if there is no improvement, contact your Internet Service Provider. Often, the problem is from their end, they can quickly fix it. Also, read How to Fix Roku TV Sound Not Working |  No More Roku No Sound Error

3. Is Pluto TVs Server Down?

Internet is that one thing that can keep you juggling the signals and connections, pun intended. So, check if the server is down, and relax rather than hopping here and there. You need to understand the point first. What happens is; that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns a default DNS Server to all the devices on your network, thereby translating hostnames to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. There are several free DNS servers, you can check them. The user can switch to them for improved connectivity.  Also, read How to Fix Roku Remote Not Working in 2022 | Powerful Guide

4. Have You re-installed the Pluto App?

So, if the only device supported (Roku) is not Supporting your Pluto TV, simply exit the app, hop on the menu screen, and uninstall the app. Pluto TV is a new app; so we have to excuse it and give it time to fix its nuts and bolts. Do not worry, uninstalling the app and then re-installing it won’t take much time. On Roku, you need Roku remote control to perform the task. Just press the home button, highlight Roku TV, and then press the Star button. 

5. Have you Contacted the Support Team?

So, if nothing seems to work for Pluto TV not working, try contacting the Support team. You can chat, text, or e-mail your issues, and the problem shall be solved as they fix the situation. They ask for the details, and you can explain to them that you have tried fixing your internet. The expert team shall surely answer your grievances.  Also, read How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Roku in 2022 | Solve it Now!

Wrapping Up

When an Internet-based streaming service is providing entertainment to millions of viewers, technical issues are bound to surface. Plus, if the service is new, it might take time for proper functioning, as there are so many codes to deal with. One such problem is Pluto TV not working. I hope the above questions are the answer to your problem. 


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