These days, if you stroll through the virtual halls of the internet, you’ll undoubtedly run upon some memes, videos, and quotations regarding the Netflix Korean smash series Squid Game. It has crossed over 100 million views in the first month of release. It’s time for you to know the Squid Games in order if you are a Squid Games fan just like me. The Squid game a popular Korean Netflix show consists of Nine episodes, Eight games, 400 players and 45,6 billion won as a prize. It already sounds like an interesting game rather than a series, right? Let’s find out all the Squid Games in order which consists of all the games from Red Light, Green Light, Honeycomb, Lights Out, Tug of War, Marbles, Glass Steppingstones and ultimately Squid Game.

List Of All The 6 Squid Games In Order | Meaning & Origins 

The origin of the Squid Games and the order in which the games are played in the programme are also important. Each ‘Squid Game’ game is accompanied by a great deal of cultural knowledge and expectation, which the show regularly twists in intriguingly dark ways. Here is a list of all the Squid Games In Order along with information on where it came from and what it really means. Let’s learn all the Squid Games in order with their origin and real meaning 

1. Ddakji: Requruiter Game

Players are put to the test before Squid Game starts by the organization’s recruiters, who look for those who are heavily in debt and take advantage of their desperation by promising rewards for playing a straightforward game. The recruitment game is DDAKJI, commonly known as TTAKJI. So, Ddakji is the first game in the list of the Squid Games In Order. Origin & Meaning: This Ddakji Squid Game’s inspiration came from a traditional Korean game that resembled Pogs, a well-liked game from the 1990s, in many ways. The objective of the game is to simply turn your opponent’s tile over by hitting it with your own, which is constructed of folded paper. It’s a disadvantage because the recruiter is carrying his own set of game pieces around. Also, read Roblox Squid Game | Play Squid Game Online For Free This dynamic resembles the crooked capitalism that Squid Game criticises in many ways—a society where there is no genuine way for the poor to catch up to the rich but where the appearance of equality is maintained anyway.

2. Round 1: Red Light & Green Light

When Gi-hun and the other Squid Game competitors arrive on the island, they begin the competition with Red Light, and Green Light, which is arguably the cruellest of all the games. This RED light and GREEN light is round 1 and the first official game in the Squid Games In Order list. Origin & Meaning: The inspiration for this Squid Activity came from a well-known playground game. There are several names for Red Light, and Green Light, including Grandmother’s Footsteps, Statues, and “Mugunghwa kkochi pieotseumnida” in Korea. The terrifying killer doll in Squid Game sings a song and suddenly turns and shoots the players who are moving. Red Light, Green Light, the first of the Squid Games, makes a lot of symbolic sense because it horrifyingly illustrates to the competitors that if they veer off course even slightly, they would perish. As more than half of the Squid Game players are eliminated before the first round is over, it emphasises the notion of control that permeates the entire game.

3. Round 2: Dalgona/Ppopgi

In the second Squid Game, players compete using Squid Game’s honeycomb toffee sweet known as PPOPGI, also known as DALGONA, which was previously a common Korean street dish.   Origin & Meaning: A bargain involving the ppopgi is where this Squid Game got origin from. The buyer of the dalgona would typically receive a second, complimentary sweet if they were able to consume the shape in the centre without shattering it. In Squid Game, that is the task that players must complete in order to survive; failing to complete it results in death. Also, read 10 Best Board Games Like Jumanji For The Best Ever Gaming Night After witnessing so many people die in Red Light, Green Light, the game’s terrible frailty and fragility perfectly capture the players’ feelings at the time. They balance precariously, just like sweets, and even the smallest error could lead to their demise.

4. Round 4: Marbles

MARBLES is the 4th game in the Squid Games in order, where participants can choose to play in a variety of ways. Pairs of competitors compete. One has to take all the marbles from the other player before the time runs out. The player who has no marbles left at the end of the game dies.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like PUBG: Working In 2022 | PUBG Alternative Games Origin & Meaning: The history of this Marbles Squid Game dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations like the Roman Empire, making it one of the oldest and most enduring games in recorded history. As illustrated in Squid Game episode 6, marbles can be played in a large range of various ways. Additionally, by letting them decide who will live and who will die in the Squid Game, it compels the players who are still playing to participate in the violence in order to survive.

5. Round 5: The Glass Tile Game

The participants must navigate a perilous trail of GLASS platforms, some of which will hold their weight and some of which will break, in round 5, the only game of Squid Game season 1 that doesn’t expressly have real-world antecedents. This is the 5th game in the list of Squid Games in order list. Origin & Meaning: The origins of this squid game may be traced back to ancient India and Rome, where it was influenced by hopscotch and other games with hopping elements. When the Squid Game Front Man notices that one participant can distinguish between tempered and untempered glass, he rapidly shuts out the lights, symbolising how severely the competition is rigged against the players.

6. Final Round: Squid Game

Gi-hun and Sang-woo compete for the grand prize in the final & last round of the ‘SQUID GAME’ game, which gives the series its name. Although the rules of the Squid Game are more complex, their beginnings are similar to those of tag. The defence’s job is to prevent the offence from reaching the designated location at the end of the field. There are two teams: the offensive and the defense.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like Pokemon: Working In 2022 | Pokemon Alternative Games Origin & Meaning: The Squid game is a popular children’s game in Korea around the 1970s and 1980s. The game was extremely well-liked in Korea. Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Squid Game, has stated in interviews that he selected the Squid Game as the final challenge and the show’s name because its inherent violence.

Watch All The Squid Games In Order

Why Does Squid Game Have All The Children’s Games?

As we saw all the squid games in order list all the games are children’s payable. The rationale behind Squid Game’s utilisation of kids’ games appears to be rather straightforward. Il-nam reveals that the games he played as a kid served as the inspiration for the Squid Games, which he developed to amuse mega-rich people like himself. He continues by stating that both the wealthy and the poor experience misery despite being wealthy and having access to virtually anything. The Squid Game games are therefore for his own amusement and nostalgia, and to add a little “childhood pleasure” to his life. And also all the Squid Games in order are Children’s Games since it serves as entertainment for the rich VIPs and to mock the poor players.

5 Survival Video Games Like Squid Game

Let’s look at the games to play, which are similar to the Squid game  We will be updating this article soon when more Squid games like video games release. So, make sure you check back this article by bookmarking this page.

Expected ‘Squid Games’ Games In Season 2

As we now know the exact meaning, origin, and order of the season one Squid games in order, let’s look at the season 2 expected games. Now that Netflix has announced that Squid Game season 2 is coming, it is imperative to think about how a follow-up season would expand on the premise and game themes. Squid Game season 2 will almost probably prominently feature a different form of the Games, but it’s difficult to envision them being precisely the same as in season 1.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like Roblox: Working In 2022 | Roblox Alternative Games The games in Squid Game season 2 could be drawn from the well-known children’s canon as well, but if the season wants to stand out, the games may need to do something unusual this time. That can entail developing new games that don’t already exist in the actual world or getting more sophisticated or advanced. The premiere of Squid Game season 2 is most likely not until late 2023 or 2024. Additionally, he and Netflix are in discussions to give the show a third season. Beyond Gi-vengeful Hun’s return, the plot details, characters and games of Squid Game season 2 are currently unknown. Also, read Nancy Drew Games in Order Till 2022 | Best 21 Games Out of 42 The correct sequence of the Squid Games in order is Recruiter Round: Ddakji, Round 1: Red Light, Green Light, Round 2: Honeycomb/Ppopgi, Round 3: Tug of War, Round 4: Marbles, Round 5: Glass Stepping Stones and the Final Round Squid Game. 

Wrapping Up

So, this was the correct sequence of the Squid Games in order along with its meaning and origin. I hope you understood clearly and enjoyed this little read. Let’s wait for the season 2 arrival as the Squid game team is working on it.  It’s astonishing how simple games like red light and green light can be this much interesting as it’s shown in the show Squid game. Probably this is the reason behind its hit. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Path of EX in order to stay up front with trending topics. Recruiter Round: DdakjiRound 1: Red Light, Green LightRound 2: Honeycomb/PpopgiRound 3: Tug of WarRound 4: MarblesRound 5: Glass Stepping StonesFinal Round: Squid Game


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