Elder citizens, asthmatic people, or just anyone of us could find it hard to breathe in masks. The struggle is tougher for people with specs (#iykyk). Among all this, Philips Air Mask claims not only to provide a comfortable mask but also to help you breathe easier.  Here is a review on Philips Fresh Air Mask that will clear all your doubts once and for all. Stick with me till the end of the article and you will know if it is actually worth the hype or not. Moreover, this review will also help you decide whether you need to buy the mask or could work without it. 

Pros And Cons Of Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066

Philips Fresh Air Mask is truly a good invention if we look at the features. It is a new high-tech attempt in providing more comfort and safety. Philips Air Mask has three units for multiple purposes. One is a chargeable Air Power module, a filter, and a top layer that connects everything.  Philips Fresh Air Mask is indeed efficient in comfortable breathing and removing trapped heat in the mask. However, you must have thought about whether all of it is worth the price of $159 plus the additional cost of filters. Let’s look at its pros and cons and then you can decide for yourselves. 

Philips Fresh Air Mask Is Great At Airflow!

Usually, all of us take down our masks while running or even while climbing stairs. If you use Philips Fresh Air Mask instead of the usual disposal masks, then it would make a huge difference. You can even breathe easily during heavy workouts when you feel short of breath. Plus you won’t even have foggy glasses as its fan takes out the trapped heat. So, even that’s covered in Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066. 

Philips Air Mask is Comfortable Fit and Reusable

There’s no denying that the mask is pretty comfortable. The perfect fit covers all the necessary parts of your face. Also, the Philips Fresh Air mask is soft to touch.  Reusability is always something you should look for in products. You can wear this mask for 40 hours straight (if used continuously) and for 15 days in intervals. You can change the filter after 15 days and the filter will be as good as new after washing. 

UV Sunlight Protection and Heavy Body

The unique fabric of Philips Fresh Air masks not only filters out PM 2.5 particles but also protects you from the harmful sun radiations up to UPF 50+.  Although there is one thing that can bother you. At first, it can look a little heavy to you because of its design. You can get used to its heaviness and electric components once you start using it. 

Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 Is Pricey 

Yes, we know that Philips Fresh Air Mask brings new technology to the public, but we cannot ignore that it is a little pricey. Moreover, if you want the mask to simply visit a store or meet someone, then you don’t need such a costly item. A nice N95 mask will be quite enough.   $159 for a mask is expensive, even though it has three layers, including an in-built fan. If you are comfortable with buying a product worth $159 to use occasionally then you can obviously do so, but we won’t recommend it.  However, if you are a student who needs to visit the college and meet people every day, then you should definitely invest in a great product like this. Not only this will be better for your protection but is also cheap, for long time use.  Also, Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 is a good choice of mask for athletics and fitness enthusiasts. Since we have made it quite clear that breathing in a Philips Air mask is very easy, people can use it for workout sessions without losing breaths. 

Wrapping Up

Working people, college-going students, or anyone who needs to interact with people regularly needs to have Philips Fresh Air Mask because it is more like a necessity for them. Along with necessity this mask also brings comfort and ease.  If you barely go out and interact with people, then buying this mask would be like a luxury for you. You don’t want to invest in a pricey product, for occasional use.  That was all about this article on “Philips Fresh Air Mask Review”. If you found this article informative then comment below and let us know all about it. Also, share with us your experience after using Philips Fresh Air Mask (if you have used it) Do not forget to send this article to your friends and family members. Keep visiting Path of EX and have a great day! 


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