PauseChamp emoticon is thought to have initially appeared on FrankerFaceZ, which user PaulieLUL published on May 7, 2019. Despite being used in 22,349 sets, PaulieLUL’s submission for the emoticon has apparently been taken down from FrankerFaceZ, according to the emote’s page. The PauseChamp emote was uploaded by user Nixi93 to BetterTTV on May 11th, 2019, and 45,714 channels have since utilized it. When a streamer chooses to create suspense or when there is a sense of expectation in the discussion, they will utilize PauseChamp emote in the Twitch chat. To understand the PauseChamp emoticon meaning in detail keep reading the article. We have everything covered about PauseChamp!

Meaning Of PauseChamp Emoticon On Twitch

The PogChamp emote, which was one of the most well-known ones on Twitch, was modified into the PauseChamp emote. In 2012, Twitch introduced the first emote, intended to convey shock and astonishment.  Sadly for Twitch viewers (and Ryan Gutierrez, the person behind this rare PogChamp moment), his picture was taken off the list of Twitch worldwide emotes following some contentious Tweets he sent regarding the capital riots on January 6, 2021. Prior to the riots, in 2019, BTTV launched the PauseChamp emoticon. It was published by BTTV user PaulieLUL to fill a specific need. Many Twitch viewers believed that there should be anticipation emote that could be used in chat to build up to the moment when the PogChamp emote could be used appropriately. That’s why when PauseChamp happened, the closed-mouth variation was used. Also, read Sadge Emoticon Meaning | When & How to Use Sadge on Twitch

How To Use The PauseChamp Emoticon On Twitch Chat?

Despite being one of the widely used Twitch emotes, PauseChamp isn’t supported by the service. The FrankerFaceZ or the BTTV browser extensions must be installed to use it. These two applications let Twitch streamers submit unique emotes that are relevant to their audiences because they are third-party extensions.  These emote like PauseChamp normally only reach the streamer’s audience, but occasionally they go viral on Twitch or other social media platforms (especially in the esports community), including Twitter or Reddit.  Also, read 8 Best Twitch Name Generators Of 2022 | 4 Things To Remember Steps To Use PauseChamp –

You must install the plugin and link your FrankerFaceZ account to your Twitch account in order to use the browser extension.After that, you can modify your account settings to specify which content can appear where on Twitch. Additionally, if you donate $5 USD once, you can post 50 of your own creative emotes. Due to the widespread use of the FFZ browser plugin, support is frequently available. The BTTV plugin allows you to add the PauseChamp emote as well as other well-liked Twitch emotes. The FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension and this plugin both function in a similar way. You can quickly download and add the extension to your preferred browser before logging in with your own Twitch account. You can then look up this well-known emote and enable PauseChamp on your account at that time.

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Wrapping Up

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