As we move further, there are loads of collaborations that tend to be extremely wild if you think more about it. Balenciaga and Fortnite are like the obvious two things which usually would not fit together. But, now you see how they are a collaboration. It’s the same thing with Jordan brand, the NBA, and Ferrari. There has been a leak of new information mentioning that there may be a potentially unique collaboration that seems to be on the way. Dramatic drum roll ongoing… It’s Pac-Man! Pac-Man is apparently on its way to Fortnite which has been a major surprise for loads of people. Let’s not waste any more time and learn more about the latest Pac Man Fortnite Skin collaboration!

Pac Man Fortnite Skin | New Skin Alert!

The Pac Man Fortnite Skin collaboration was initially announced by ShiinaBR, who is known as one of the most well-known leakers in the entire community. As per the leakers, players will have to wait for some days before they can view any of the classic video game characters in the Fortnite game. The tentative release date for the Pac Man Fortnite Skin is June 2, which is just before the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass. This obviously rules out any type of possibility of it being present in the next Battle Pass. There are loads of players who have been continuously thinking about the way that Epic Games could straight up translate into a small, circular character that doesn’t even have feet or hands straight into the skin. The size of the skin and Epic Games’ desire to keep every single type of skin equal and fair limits them in a certain way. But, you should know that they can never actually transform into a Pokemon skin or anything similar to that. There has been a release of the latest information that simply puts all doubts to rest. ShiinaBR says that the Pac Man Fortnite Skin collaboration would not even be a Pac-Man skin. Instead, it is most likely to be basic skins wearing various Pac-Man merch. Also, read League Of Legends Patch Notes 12.11 | LOL Updates, Changes & Rewards

Pac Man Fortnite Skin Release Date

The release date for the Pac Man Fortnite Skin is June 2, 2022. According to Bandai Namco US, the Pac Man cosmetics are expected to drop into Fortnite on June 2 and 5PM CT/ 8PM ET/ 11PM BST. It hasn’t been exactly revealed what the Fortnite enthusiasts should expect from the Pac Man Fortnite Skin and cosmetics so we are yet to find! Also, read How To Install Apex Legends Mobile On PC | 2 Easy-Methods

How To Get Pac Man Fortnite Skin?

Pac Man himself has revealed that all the gaming enthusiasts have the option to buy celebratory cosmetics straight from the Item Shop with the help of V-Bucks. But, the prices of those cosmetics are yet to be revealed, although it is expected to be quite similar to various other Gaming Legends skins. Most of the Gaming Legends skins actually cost around 1500 V-Bucks, even though Fortnite usually releases a bundle of every single character’s cosmetics for an extremely discounted cost. But, when it comes to the size and structure of Pac Man, it tends to get difficult to gauge the variety of cosmetics would be available. There are a few fans who have loads of theories like Fortnite is most likely to release Street Fight x Tekken version of Pac Man Fortnite Skin, but then there are also others who feel that it is simply going to be just gliders, pickaxes, Back blings, and wraps. Also, read 10 Best Stardew Valley Mods: Available In 2022 | Guide To Install Mods

Wrapping Up

Now, that is all there really is to the Pac Man Fortnite Skin. We’ve added all the necessary and relevant information in relation to the Pac Man Fortnite Skin. We genuinely hope that we managed to clear majority of your doubts. In case you have any further queries, feel free to drop a comment!


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