The term “Contracts for differences” may scare some traders. However, we feel there are a minority of differences for most of the investors. It should be noted that the trading items that are Contracts for differences have the upper hand in terms of improvement. Here are the key attributes that give Orbit Assets a unique competitive edge in the industry. 

Why We Choose Orbit Assets?

Brokers’ security is considered to be the topmost priority. There are many cases where some online brokers try to deceive you by taking your money in advance. But I haven’t witnessed any single trick or con from the Orbit Assets. Following are some of the points where we will showcase to you why we choose Orbit Assets.

1. Excellent Copy Trading

Orbit Assets boasts an established social trading network, distinguished by favorable trading conditions, a low entry threshold, robust functionality, and simplicity. Orbit Assets’ copy trader allows novices and less experienced traders to subscribe to the signals of professional traders. That enables you to copy all the trades and orders of expert traders to your account, reducing risk exposure and boosting profit potential. 

2. Diverse Investment Products 

Orbit Assets has significantly expanded its portfolio over recent years. That has seen it provide a vast selection of trading instruments for different types of traders and investors. This broker’s portfolio integrates an appropriate mix of conventional asset classes, new assets, and fixed-income products. 

3. Access to Global Markets 

Orbit Assets has a broader network of international market centers, allowing its clients to access robust investment opportunities worldwide. Orbit Assets’ traders have access to more than 100 global markets in over 50 countries. 

4. Competitive Fees and Spreads 

Unlike most social trading platforms, Orbit Assets does not charge account minimums, inactivity fees, and any additional commissions for copy trading. They have standard checking and domestic wire transfer fees, but all deposits are free. Orbit Assets’ spreads are below the industry average.  Also, read Sonder Group Review – A Refreshing Approach to Independent Trading.

Orbit Assets Pros and Cons 

Orbit Assets offers a hands-on trading experience with diverse instruments that allow every client to pursue their desired investment goals. On the other hand, it also has some potential shortcomings that could impact your trading experience.  Pros 

Excellent copy trading  A wide selection of trading instruments  Low fees and spreads  Access to global markets Reliable customer support 


The onboarding process is slow on all Orbit Assets trading platforms  Services are not available in some countries 

Trading Experience 

The overall trading experience on Orbit Assets is intuitive, despite the relatively slow signup process. You can register via the desktop, version, web-based platform, or mobile app. 

Copy Trading 

The broker’s copy trader is its greatest strength, keeping many novice and seasoned investors on the platform. The feature is available on all three Orbit Assets’ trading platforms, allowing you to duplicate the actions of other experienced traders in real time. Copy trader also offers tools for evaluating risks and analyzing the trade performance you are interested in before copying them onto your portfolio.  Orbit Assets’ trading platforms offer other tools and amenities for novices and advanced traders, including virtual accounts, screeners, charts, drawing tools, portfolio analysis, multi-leg options, watchlists, research, and news.  Also, read Markets1 Review-Your All-In-One Digital Forex Trading Platform For Beginners

Product Offerings and Markets 

While Orbit Assets does not rank highly as a multi-asset broker, it offers a more comprehensive selection of trading instruments and broader market access than most of its immediate competitors. The broker’s portfolio comprises multiple asset classes and fixed-income products to delight retail traders and institutional investors. The tradeable products on Orbit Assets include. 

Long and short stocks  Crypto  Forex  Bonds  ETFs CFDs Options  Commodities 

Orbit Assets allows you to trade one or more of the above products on its broader network of more than 100 markets across over 50 countries worldwide. 

Fees and Commissions 

Orbit Assets also boasts a favorable pricing policy, with zero account minimums, inactivity fees, deposits, and free stock trading. Unlike other social trading platforms, Orbit Assets does not charge additional commissions for using its copy trader. Besides, Orbit Assets’s spreads are much lower than its immediate competitors. 

Customer Support 

Orbit Assets has a well-trained and friendly customer service team, offering on-demand support to all clients via phone, email, and live chats. 

Wrapping Up

Orbit Assets is an excellent social trading network with various investment products, competitive spreads, and broader market access. It is ideal for novices who need hands-on online trading experiences, but seasoned investors can also leverage Orbit Assets’ unique offerings to maximize their profits.  Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.


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