OnePlus Smartwatch Teasing

The marketing of the secret watch has had the audience curious. With so little information, the wait is turning hard. All we know for now is that the watch is expected to have a round dial. This revelation was also made by the Twitter account of OnePlus which stated the spelling as “WOTCH” instead of Watch.  Also, Read OnePlus Band Fitness Tracker Launching Before OnePlus SmartWatch For a few years, OnePlus is trying to expand its territory from Smartphones to other things as well. OnePlus launched Smart TV. They also make a different range of mobile accessories and audio devices. China-based Smartphone company OnePlus is not the only company that is trying to widen its stance. Oppo and Realme have also entered the world of smartphones and accessories in 2020. Talking about the recent reports, the soon-to-be-launched Smartwatch has been certified by Singapore IMDA. The Smartwatch number W301GB appeared on the listing. This could mean that the watch might be launched in near future.  It was initially anticipated that the company would a teaser or an introduction of the watch during the launch event of the OnePlus 8T but that didn’t happen. There was a leak hitting a Cyberpunk 2077 Edition of the Smartwatch. Though OnePlus has not yet officially announced or shared any pictures, the authenticity of the leak is open for interpretation. It is known that the company recently introduced the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition Smartphone, the leaked pictures of the straps could be a part of the series.  Check out, OnePlus 9 5G: Leaked Images and Specifications

Official OnePlus Smartwatch Teasing

OnePlus officials had made no certain statement regarding the pricing or the specification of the watch but some things can be assumed considering the other devices of the company. It is expected that the OnePlus Smartwatch would come with the Google Wear OS operating system because OnePlus phones run on Google’s Android OS. On the contrary, there are rumors that the OnePlus Smartwatch might not come running on Google’s Wear OS platform.  Also, check out OnePlus Buds Z: Review This information was given by Max Jambor, a reliable source for OnePlus insides claims on his Twitter account that the OnePlus watch will not be using Wear OS. If this is true, then OnePlus is doing a little extra work for creating a platform from scratch, and that is with great risk. Brands like Fossil and Mobvoi are using Wear OS and even the China-based company Oppo Is also using it outside the regions of China. Regardless of knowing if this is the truth or the company’s marketing strategy, either way, the Smartwatch is definitely catching the hype.  However, with a Wear OS or without, the market and the audience are waiting for the Smartwatch to launch.

Expected OnePlus Smartwatch Price

Expected Price: $150 – $250


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