This broker’s flagship desktop platform provides robust technical tools and features, mainly recommended for advanced investors and active traders. Besides, the trading tools also support high customizability, enabling users to streamline their skills and preferences functionality.  Olympus4X offers a broader selection of trading instruments than most of its immediate competitors. Their offerings comprise different asset classes and fixed-income products for various investors. The variety of Olympus4X’s product offerings allows you vast investment options.  Also, read Markets1 Review-Your All-In-One Digital Forex Trading Platform For Beginners.

 What Do They Offer?

Olympus4X’s portfolio features a robust selection of investment products for different types of traders and investors. Their offerings are well-curated to meet the unique demands of short-term and long-term investors. Olympus4X emphasizes an extensive list of asset classes to allow every trader the flexibility to pursue their individual investment goals.  Here are the tradeable products on Olympus4X. 

Stocks  Crypto  Forex  Options  ETFs  Bonds  Commodities 

Trading Platforms 

Olympus4X offers two trading platforms; a desktop program and a mobile app. The desktop platform is the broker’s key highlight that features superior trading tools and features. This broker’s desktop platform is an integrated program with a suite of powerful and highly customizable tools for active traders.  Olympus4X’s proprietary desktop program integrates several standard and technical functions that you can customize to your specific needs and preferences. It offers charts, specialized analysis tools, calculators, screeners, portfolio reports, price alerts, research, real-time data streaming, and news.  You can also place multiple order types and stage trades for later execution. Besides, Olympus4X’s desktop platform also supports backtesting and automated trading. The mobile app has a more simplistic appeal but is still under development.  Also, read Target Trading Review: Unlock the World of Crypto Trading and More.


Like other brokers, Olympus4X also has outstanding fees, commissions, and margin interest rates. However, they use a tier-based pricing mechanism to lower client costs. Perhaps, that is why their spreads are below the industry average. Besides, Olympus4X does not charge account minimums and inactivity fees. They also allow you to make one free domestic wire transfer and checking deposit monthly. However, you should check the fee calculator to determine your overall costs before placing an order. 


Olympus4X takes investor education very seriously. They offer rich investor education programs to help traders navigate the nitty-gritty of online investing with fewer problems. The materials cover the basics of online trading and other essential investment topics. They are available in different formats that every trader can use without problems. Besides, Olympus4X’s trading platforms also offer convenient research functions that you can use to gain quick information about different markets, asset classes, and other trading elements. 

Competitive margin interest rates 

This broker’s clients are subject to some of the most competitive spreads in the industry. The broker’s tier-based pricing mechanism enables traders and investors to access various products while reducing costs.

Olympus4X Pros and Cons 

Following are some of the Pros and Cons of Olympus4X trading. Pros 

Rich educational programs  Superior trading tools and features  A wide selection of investment products  Competitive margin interest rates  Reliable customer support 


Most trading tools can be overwhelming to novices. The mobile app is still in the development stage.

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Wrapping Up

Olympus4X is an integrated platform with cutting-edge industry research and special tools that mainly appeal to advanced traders and skilled investors. However, it also offers robust trading instruments, competitive spreads, and rich educational resources. Olympus4X is primarily a professional-level platform but also boasts unique perks for beginners and passive investors.  Disclaimer: This is sponsored marketing content.


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