However, if you enjoy skilling, there are still some manageable ways to make money. You can always buy OSRS GP online from trustworthy partners if you need help to make money in the game. Nonetheless, let’s dig into some of the most profitable ways to make money while skilling in OSRS. 

1. The Humidify Spell 

Although the humidify spell can be helpful in different content, it is a big money maker for this reason: Humidifying clay. This skill has been profitable for money-making for a long time, mainly because it is frustrating.  The spell only requires you to have level 68 magic, which is not very high. The problem is that humidifying clay is very click-intensive and involves a lot of banking. If you do this well, you can do about 800 inventories an hour, meaning you will be banking 800 times in one hour. However, you will make a lot of clay every hour, between 20,000 to 22,000 clay.  The items you will need to do this are a steam battle staff and astral runes – it also helps to put bank fillers in your bank. First, ensure that your F key is enabled and that you have a hotkey for your inventory screen in your spellbook tab. Next, you will need to deposit an inventory of clay and then humidify it as the animation goes off every time. If You keep doing this, this method will get you about 700k of Gold per hour. 

2. Cremating Urium Remains 

Fire-making has not been a historically profitable money-making skill; however, after the implementation of the Shades of Morton minigame update, there is one: cremating Urium remains. The downside of this money maker is that it’s only unlocked at the high level of 95 Fire making.  Although fire making is one of the quickest skills, reaching a high level will be easier than the other skills. So, let’s start with how you are going to do this. There is one time that you will want to equip; this is the gold coffin earned through the minigame. The gold coffin allows for storing any remains, which is extremely useful with this method.  The actual inventory you need is a tinderbox with redwood fire logs, with Urium remains in your coffin. Now you will need to travel north to Bagdorat and drop your legs in the pyre, adding Urium remains on top and lighting it. Once it’s done burning, there is a high chance that you will obtain a gold key or sometimes coins. After you have dumped your full inventory, you should have at least 20 gold keys. These keys unlock a door in the Shades of Morton dungeon, with lots of valuable loot, such as battle staff, runes, and dragon equipment. Additionally, you also get the elusive zealot robes and elite clue scrolls. Doing this efficiently, you can get up to 1 million gold an hour as well as over 200k experience in fire making. 

3. Pickpocketing Master Farmers 

After the 2021 update, you can get only a limited amount of seeds if your farming level is too low. Therefore, it is advisable to have at least level 70 farming and thieving skills. This is essential if you use this as a money-making method. Another advisable thing to do is to wear the rogue outfit, as you will gain almost double the number of seeds you would have without it.  One of the best places to pickpocket is the farming guild, as here there are many places master farmers tend to get stuck, allowing you to click and not move your mouse as you are pickpocketing. This method will make you about 400k Gold per hour. You can find more info here if you want to learn more about thieving.  Thank you!  Thank you for reading this article on the three best skilling money makers. We hope these tips have helped you and improved your gameplay. We bet you will progress faster and with less frustration now. So remember to get into the game and try these out. Good luck on your Journey!


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